Sunday, May 6

Feeling Better

since the last post.

Things have been going well, or at least I am no longer affected by small little things anymore. It's crazy how it is really like an emotional roller coaster in the span of 45 days. I really hope I did not upset too many people along the way. I know my husband would be affected but I think he's coping very well and have been very supportive and be by my side throughout the down period.

Upon reflections, I think I healed because my husband gave me assurance that he'll support me for whatever decision I want to make in life, including quitting the job. There are really differences in attitude or mindset between knowing you have a choice to say "screw you, I quit" and "i'm screwed, I can't quit". It is some kind of good freedom. A back up knowing you can fell back anytime without worries.

Is that why the rich getting richer?
Financially so excess where they can just hop on to try new ventures or business, making the right decision without worrying if they can't put food on the table tomorrow?

I healed because I found passion at my current work scope and if I could just have all the freedom to make steer this work piece, managing partner on my own that would be superb.

Because there are many people who just like to implement theory, concept and deploy buzz words without knowing the purpose of it, or whether these will add value to the process. One thing for sure, it definitely make you sound smart.

Agile, Sprint, Daily Stand Up, MVP,...and API between 20+ systems can be done in pretty fast in less than 2 months? Good luck dude.

Well, perhaps I was wrong. But it doesn't matter, just focus on the delivery of the product that I truly believe it will add value and be differentiated in the business, that's all that matter...until I found a bigger purpose of life or the company think that my service is due. Until then, cheers! 

Sunday, April 8


I just came back from my first ever healing class today with teacher Ally. My coursemate met her during one of the crystal exhibit many years ago and somehow it just got me curious to find out about her website and I saw that she provides healing session.

Me being tired and exhausted from living without purpose. I traveled in and out of Miri, being away from LK for weeks for work and study. What is the purpose of my work? What is the purpose of my MBA? All I could remember was just trying to chase after the deadlines, arguing and debating, and trying so hard to look and sound smart. Portraying that I know it all, and I know the best for everything. Trying to just catch up with friends because I want to be a good friends. But I just don't fit in. Everyone is in a rush against time. But rushing for what?

I know for fact that oh, i'm going to be 31, and I need to conceive. Already went for consultancy and even undergone a laparoscopy surgery. But is it because I am getting old or the fact that I just want to fit in?

Workplace is toxic. I worry so much whether I said the right thing, whether I dressed formally enough, whether I appeared to be friendly, whether people like me, whether people talk back about me, whether I delivered what I said, whether I delivered to their expectations, whether the comment received were positive, negative or sarcastic, whether i will get along with the new colleagues, whether he meant it good, whether he was trying to go against me, whether ... so many stupid questions that stress me out. In the end, do I fit in?

Having question myself thousands of times in a day is not healthy, especially when I had to sacrifice my time away from family, my husband. I couldn't even sign up to a weekly yoga classes because I put my work the first priority. I doubted whether I should have started a family because I put my work the first priority. wtf. But it's true. I just got pressure into delivering the best for the company, to deliver results for my own prove that I fit in and see I am smart what.

I just came back from cardiology stress test. One month ago, I had chest pain. Well, it's felt like muscle pain but I just got a bit worry because the pain did not subside after two days and I went to the clinic alone because I was in KL for study/work. Done a ECG and the result turned out to be abnormal. There is extra heartbeat. So I asked to be referred to hospital for further check. Because it was Sat noon, I had to go to emergency just to get some attention. Cardiologist would have closed due to half day. So i went to Sunway hospital and got myself admitted for further check...all by myself. I did try to think whether I should ask anyone to come with me... but I did not want to cause panic or disturb their weekends. Trust was I did not know who to call. Doctor came and performed another round of ECG. Same results, abnormal heart beats. Then, he asked for blood test to determine whether there's a sign of heart attack. Well, LK was worried about me but I understand it's tough for him to fly in just for this unknown results. Fortunately I got negative result for the blood test, so heart attack was ruled out. The pain was probably muscle pull from my swimming...but the extra heart beat remains mysterious. The doctor suggested for further check with specialist. But I got a problem...I was suppose to go for study trip the following evening.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Should I cancel my trip so I could go to specialist on Monday and why out the reasons with the ECG report. Or should I risk and proceed with the trip to India, which was always in my travel wish list? In my mind, I chose the second but LK was worried and would prefer the first choice but he could not accompany me due to work commitment. There's when I got furious and I told him I would rather had a heart attack in India than going for check up alone. There was no incentive for me to stay back. We got a deal in the end that I should go to India provided that the pain subsides the next day, which it did. So off to India I went.

I just got chance to went for the specialist after one month. Mainly because I know I am alright but also due to work and family commitment. I went to SJMC yesterday (alone). The doctor did said there was extra heart beat, a,a,a,a,b,a,a,a,a,b.... and suggested for a stress test to be performed. If the extra beat went away then it's fine. Fortunately enough, the beat went away and doctor suggested a last check next Friday which was to do echo test to scan my heart. So I think should be good lah.. The advise given was not to do extreme sports. Nods, alright doctor. No mount everest. No marathon.

So I went to healing class earlier and said most of the above. Teacher Ally asked me to draw 3 cards (not tarot. Tarot cards consisted of positive and negative cards, hers was positive of goddess and something else).

** I like to be with the nature. In fact being in Miri made me very happy with the garden and beach. I really really enjoyed my morning walk listening to the birds and greenery and blur sky and being constantly on the go (flights) made me feel insecure. It's neither grounded or heaven. I felt terrible and the unfairness treatment in the company made me lethargic.
1st card - Mother Earth / Mother Nature
2nd card - Fairness
3rd card -

** I am allowed to explore for my compassion and don't worry about my future. It's bright!
4th - Compassion
5th - love yourself
6th - Goddess - Bright Future

** I shouldn't be rushed and pressure myself for the things in life. I have to heal and find myself in order to find happiness. Scar from being a broken family + unhappy family since I was in my mom's womb left me a scar unconsciously and that needed to be treated before anything else.
7th -Inner child
8th -Know who you are
9th - Goddess Moon

10th - Similar to bright future -

After cards reading I went to rest on the bed and I felt aura and rich / mixed feelings. I imagined the times I was in the wood. in Houston cycling and exploring next road and greenery. the beach and water. the blossoming flowers. I felt great...and when I thought about my infertility journey I teared. Then I saw colors...dark blue and purple. It's very surreal because usually it was red dots or white.. but I saw it changed color especially when I felt the aura. It's beautiful. Of course, work came in and I tried to think of the consequences if I were to resign or left the company. I thought of my mentor and I said I wanted to seek her advise. Then I told myself to change the thought to happiness again. mother nature.

**closure - do not compare with others, it's own journey and find your own happiness and purpose. Once you can do that, you'll bear fruits and feel sense of completeness...

bamboo/ tree
fruitful (kai hua jio guo)
Puzzle of child - completeness
it's beautiful out there.

I am still thinking about the whole experience and I wanted to write down so that I can revisit this again later, whatever decisions I made in months to come. Whatever decisions I made, god, please protect and guide me to happiness and purpose in life.


Tuesday, March 28

March 2017

Hello from Malaysia. It has been 5 months since I came back from Houston. Time flies I know! It's coming to end of March now.

I am doing part time MBA right now with Monash Uni, KL campus while working full time. I am grateful that my boss is so understanding that he only gives me one project to manage so I could focus on my studies at the same time. Thank God for such a supportive environment. Therefore it is actually quite fun to have evening classes twice a week and spend weekend with a bunch of people who share the same goal. I think this is a good investment since knowledge is power and it gives you confident in things that you do.

Well, I have been doing a lot of reflections as well, thanks to the class and I am having this question again. The question that I asked myself after joining the company which I didn't have an answer to. Fast forward 7 years later, here I am asking myself - am i suitable to work in the big corporations. What's my passion? What strengths do i have?

My sister has started her own business selling granola. I am really proud of her as she perseveres and fully committed to it. She's now doing her own "diet" to promote her products. Wish her well in the business and hope it takes off well. I am excited at what she's brewing in the space of entrepreneurs.

My husband is in the process of relocating to Miri, a small town in Sarawak. Ideally, I am also trying to move in with him after my MBA completed. All is good except that there is not many jobs that I can take. That kind of gives me opportunity to explore outside the workplace. Maybe I will find my passion or something that I enjoy doing. Help to expand my sister's business or set up my own consultant firm. Hopefully I am blessed with our own children by then so I can also get busy taking care of them.

OMG, Yoke Hoon and KahYee have given birth this month! Baby Hansen and Baby Elizabeth- time flies again! and LaiYee is also expecting. WeiWei is doing much better after her chemo and operations and recovering. I really happy that all of my besties are so contented with their own lives. The next gathering we will need baby chairs! wuaaa wuaa wuaaa. so cute.

I am glad that things are progressing well so far and I am well taken care of. Hopefully god continue to provide and bless us with good health and happiness. 

Tuesday, April 12

Weekends at Houston

Went cycling again yesterday but this time I pancit.
Feel so weak and tired. Not sure if it's because:

1. Strong headwinds
2. Tyre has low air - not at its peak performance
3. Too full from lunch
4. Just lazy

Hahaha, I think the answer is... 5. All of above. 
We had a delicious dinner last Saturday
Introducing the lovely #chefs: Mei Ching and I 
Mei prepared #charsiew #bbqpork. Super yummy and the fat melts in your mouth! Salivating just thinking of it.

She also prepared wantan / dumpling. Half fried and half soup. 
Meanwhile I prepared #hainanchickenrice. The chicken is well cook but taste blunt this round. Not sure why. How to get consistent taste ah?

But this time round, I think the rice is yummy.
While the wives cook, the husbands drinking beers and chatting away on the recent their recent trips, work, economics and etc. #guys

I was rather quiet as busy concentrating on my cooking. Besides quite conscious of what to talk on those serious topics.
Woah, look at the food on table, char siew, bak zham kai, roasted duck (tapao), wantan, watercress soup and toast with white wine! Feeling atas and all!!

Occasionally #milky will come and say hello and try to jump up to the bench...
#puppyeyes but no climbing. Haha
Omg, this is bomb! I don't know what it's called but it's delicious. Great combination. Basically just two biscuits kiap melted chocolate (Hershey) and marshmallow. Ravi microwave them to melt them. When you bite, still crunchy and chocolate melts. Then you have to liu using your finger and lick. Gross but damn satisfying...
Lastly, we played #chortaitee. Ravi is new to this game but he picks up so fast I think he won the most but I won the last game. Nice hand with 3 tees with me.

It's been so long since I player card. Eh, I lied. I did when we were on cruise last month. 
Thank you #dayreteam for resetting my password. Finally able to blog on my phone where I have full access to my photos. In the past, I only have dayre on my iPad but troublesome to transfer photos and eventually lost interest to blog. Dayre user: @ashleetan

Stroll around the condo's park with hubby and took this dandelion. Soooo soft and pretty. 

Out with the nature: Hamilton Pool Reserve, Austin

Hamilton Pool Reserve is a natural pool that was created when the dome of an underground river collapsed due to massive erosion thousands of years ago. The pool is located about 23 miles west of #Austin. (Source: Wiki) 
The Hamilton Pool
This impromptu trip to #Austin was two weeks back. Hotel was booked 2 days before and we didn't have itinerary except to visit to the Hamilton Pool. 

After having McD breakfast, we aim straight to the nature pool. 

The pool is about an hour away west from Austin town, so we thought its a smart plan to drive straight instead of detouring. 

What we miscalculate was the park limits number of cars going in. 

We arrived around 1130 but already full and they asked us come back later...
Disappointed but I am glad that they have such rule to limit headcount to preserve the Mother Nature and that would provide great comfort to those inside. 

The young-looking guards actually explain nicely to us why no entry and provide suggestion on what time to come back.
We decided to come back tomorrow at 9am
9.15am and there's already a queue?!? This time the guards did not kick us out and nicely explain. Morning rush, prepare $15, park your car...

They explain that to all the visitors, one by one. 

Damn salute them for consistency and hospitality!
Okay, let's go!!
Ta dah! After about 13 mins easy hike, we are here!
You may realize the place isn't crowded. It's true, I think at each time they allow about 30 cars or less. It's really comfy in here and could meditate here I bet. Water flowing sound, fresh air, clear water...
#meditating lol
Then, we left the pool and went for river trail hike. Amazing views!!
See what i mean?
The end of our adventurous. Hub said better go back before it gets sunny. 😫
24300 Hamilton Pool Rd. 
Dripping Spgs, TX
Park fees: $15 per vehicle (cash only)
9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily 
1. Come early between 9:00 - 9:30 am. I heard even if you manage to get a parking, they will not let you start hiking if the pool is crowded. 

2. Swimming is allow but it's really cold. Remember to bring extra clothes to change. 

3. Wear comfy shoes for easy hike. Kids can do it easily...

#hamiltonpool #texas #dayretravel

Saturday, April 2

April Fool!

How's your day? Have you been fooled today? Well, this year I managed to fool some of my friends and colleagues...nothing serious just some stupid pranks. Enjoy! 

#1st Prank: 
Me: Eh, I heard you transferring to Kerteh? 
KAS: Yea, leaving next week. 
Me: Wow, that's fast. Let's meet up tonight. 
KAS: You are back in MAS? Let me ask my wife.
Me: April fool! I am not back yet. 

#2nd Prank:
Me: Oi
ZP: What?
Me: Jom meet up. 
ZP: OK, jom. nasi lemak SS. Only you know the direction.
Me: Sure, you pick me up OK?
ZP: So far? You take train here la I pick you.
Me: Mai la... I very lazy want to drive and train so expensive.
ZP: OK la, I come pick you up. 
At 6.30A.M Houston time, I got a call from ZP. I was half asleep and I texted him
Me: Oi, April fool lah, I am still in the US.
ZP: Bodoh
(I feel bad and I hope he did not drive to Cyberjaya to pick me.....)

#3rd Prank:
Me: Khin, check your phone. I texted you something very important.
Khin: OKOK.
Khin: I didn't get any message..?
Me: April Fool...
Khin: WTF..

#4th Prank:
Me: Eh Jingle, check your phone, I texted you something urgent.
Jing: OK. Eh, no message pun?
Me: April foolll....
(after a while I decided to sign off and go offline)
Jing: What the f.... You very funny (over text)

Sunday, January 10

Thank you 2015 and bring it on 2016!

Finally, sitting here quietly at a corner of the Taipei Air lounge updating my blog. In writing this post, I had to open up my calendar to remind and refresh my memory of what had happened in 2015. In this fast pace world, sometimes you just have to stop and give your blessings and say a little thank you. As I look back, I got to say 2015 is the best year in my life. Although it is not always smooth sailing, but I at least I've learned so much from the sad parts yet always grateful with the better opportunities. So here it goes:

Love and Marriage:
2015: Still happily in love and loved. I am super grateful that he is even more expressive in showing how much he loves and cares for me. I am always in his prayer and in his planning. Always make sure that I am constantly happy.

We get stronger and closer in Houston because of the free time we have to constantly communicate and doing things together, grocery shopping, cooking and washing (I cook, he wash), cycling, traveling, etc. I thank God for this because it means so much for me. I also very grateful that he did not leave me alone when I get emotional and always manage to scoop open my golden mouth and asking me to open up my feelings and thought.

2016: I hope God will continue to bring us closer  and bless us with kids when the time is right.

2015: I don't know where to begin. It is super good year for me.

  • Jan: Because of re-structuring in my previous position, I applied 2 roles; #1 is a sales role which I've always wanted to do because I think I have the right ability and experience as a business consultant- profit center where budget is aplenty and #2 is a strategic role and a higher job group, sort of a progression of the previous role of a demand planner but a cost center, means limited budget for anything fancy. I couldn't decide which role I like or more passionate. As usual, I just let God decide for me. wtf. Well, I was first offered role #2 and asked to make quick decision. Under time pressure, I accepted it. Yeay, a promotion and a global role. High visibility. Perfect for me. But I wasn't happy. I don't know why. Is it because I wanted sales role more or I am worry to inform sales manager as I have been constantly telling him I wanted to join his team. I became more stressful wtf. I had to inform the sales manager about my decision and guess what? I cried as I told him my decision. He was disappointed with my answer and asked me one question, "Are you happy?". He felt my decision was conflicted with what I have been telling him so far (want to be in sales team). I said yes and became super duper down afterwards. Later that day, I received multiple call and text messages from him and marketing manager (who is also my mentor). He told me if I changed my decision, there won't be repercussion as HR manager is in informed. Wah wah wah... to cut the story short, i changed my decision and become Sales Indirect account manager starting 1st March. 
  • I learned so much as a sales indirect account manager. There are 3 distributors who are under my account. Two in their 60s and another one is mid 30s but I learned so much from three of them. Super grateful that they not only teach me so much, but also treat me like their closed friends. I see them like my dad, and I wished my dad is more like them. Family person who shoulder great responsibility to provide the best for family. Mmmm, let's just say I like them very much and even gave me confidence, motivation and support that I ever needed. 
  • In Aug, LK told me he'd be offered a role in Houston. OMG. I will definitely join him. I think I've story about this episode in previous post. Again, super grateful to be blessed with great opportunity. 
  • In summary, I had a super great career life and meet so many good people internally and externally. Of course there are some jerks around but I rather keep all happy and good memories only. :D
2016: I am loving this new role as well. Besides the usually deliveries, I will improve on my communication skills and strategic thinking skills which I need improvement so badly but I am confident that I'll master them at the end of the year. I will also be making presentations at the global summit next week in Shenzhen. Super looking forward towards it.

2015: First half of the year I focused on improving my PCOS condition - done some screening, blood and hormone testing, etc and taken prescribed medicines (metformin and oral contraceptive). After a while, I stopped all medication altogether because it is contradicted with my pregnancy plan. I wanted to be able to conceive but I won't if i continue with the medications. Also, I think I will able to make the symptoms better if I can just stop stressing out and eat healthy and exercise. But it didn't get any better, my weight continue to increase and max I hit 61KG and I get more stress when people started to comment on my physical appearance. WTF. Anyhow, after LK left to US, I became very determined. I bought 4KG kettlebell and started working out at home. I make it a point to do it everyday - I even bring it around with me when I travel for work. I feel great after sweating out. I feel happy. I am proud of myself for making a change and in no time, I will feel comfortable with my own body.

2016: I wish my body is fit for pregnancy and becomes stronger and leaner. I learn to believe that the numbers on the scale doesn't matter as long as I feel happier and

In summary, I really think it's been a great 2015 that I becomes stronger emotionally and hope to be able to develop passion in reading or eager for new knowledge in 2016. I am ready, bring it on 2016.

Happy New YEar 

Saturday, December 26

Buffalo in Houston

Why am I in Houston? Here's the story...

In Aug 2015, my husband was offered 1-year assignment to be based in Houston for a project role. He wanted me to go with him under unpaid leave or sabbatical which is offered by my company. 

Of course I agreed to it as it's always my dream to live overseas and this is the USA that we are talking about! Besides, I have never been to the states so I'm extremely thrilled and excited. 

But, what about my career and my stable income? 

Knock. Knock. Boss, can I have a word with you? My boss is a nice man in his early 50s whom I enjoyed working for him. He always make time for my development and give genuine advice for personal growth. 

I told him about my husband's offer and asked him whether I could continue to support him from Houston. He told me it's rather difficult as his portfolio is MY/SG but he will help to ask around. 

Feeling grateful and hopeful, I left his room. 

A month later, he agreed to sponsor / send me to Houston for 1-year assignment too! Woahh, was I dreaming? No kidding, he's serious about the offer provided there's a host to accept me into their team. 

Thank you, BOSS. 

Whilst my husband was preparing to leave the country in Sep, there is no good news. I was devastated and doubted my own capability and ability that nobody wanted me in their teams. Therefore, I applied for sabbatical leave as I wanted to celebrate Xmas with my husband in the states. 

Then, I went on vacation to Korea. 

When I'm back from Korea, my mentor called me to check if I'd be interested to be part of a global marketing team working on projects for Asia Pacific. There will be a lot of engagements with the East which means odd working hours due to time zone differences. I am an owl, tell me about working late nights and I accepted without thinking twice. 

Tadaaa.... That's how I ended up in Houston. This is definitely one of the key highlight of my life and one of my achievement before 30 y.o. *peace!

//Merry Christmas. I wish everyone happy and healthy always! :)

Monday, November 23

Short update

Hi Stupid Idiot Buffalo!

I'm the least creative when it comes to giving a name to something. Be it hashtag, caption or blog. Let's hope my husband has better creativity in giving name to our children next time.

I'm preparing to go for a short stint to Houston soon, like next month to join my hubby for white Christmas.

One of the bucket list to be crossed out soon - working overseas. Hope everything goes well and I'll do a great job! It's a global marketing role and let's pray that my lame and limited creativity will bring me far.

For leaner body, I bought myself a yellow kettle bell. I very semangat to do it like twice a day in the past...2 days. Really wanna see results in reduced weight or leaner body. I wanna see abs line...or tight gap. Shallow...but that's my goal really. HAHA

Sunday, March 22

How do you deal with someone who is super sensitive at work?

Recently I am involved with one conflict where I questioned my colleague for the accuracy / integrity of her wrist fitness band data. I asked her over personal chat and she got so pissed off and offended that she ended the discussion. Next day I know, she told everyone in the office about how rude I was to even ask her about that. I tried to talk to her and apology but she's just won't accept and continue to ignore me until today.

That happened 3 weeks ago and I gave up trying to reconcile with her. I pray that she would forget (and forgive) and move on as I don't think it's healthy for her to hold grudges for so long.

I actually wonder to what extend do you check data integrity? Would you do the right thing to make sure no one is cheating? What is the right thing to do at this context?

I thought I was doing the right thing by checking with her, if her device was working fine in a damn private chat. I did not frame her. I did not confronted her in front of public. Look at the other consequences besides getting cold shoulder and some occasionally cold stare from others. I even found out that there's a group of people are taking her side and not participating in the of them is my very new lady boss. That piss me off because no one comes to ask my story or trying to solve the conflict. Instead, they just make the fire wilder. Very well, that's human beings and I'm guilty at that too.

Well, that's life isn't it? When you are trying to make the right thing ... and this is what you get. Hatred. No wonder good people die faster.

I really hope that she'll find closure within herself and move on.

Thursday, January 29

Welcoming 2015

Hello Hello!
In another 43 minutes we'll say hello to 29th Jan 2015. Time passes so fast I barely could take a minute to reflect on my life or plan ahead. Every day for me is just struggling to wake up at 7 a.m and protesting to sleep by 11 p.m. Well, welcome to reality. That's what we called rat race I suppose, let's just not talk about that for now. :)

I'd like to take some time to write down how 2014 was for me...still a roller coaster year for me with ups and downs....

1) I got married
Ever since my parents divorced, I'm not looking forward to any family gatherings. My mum just won't see my dad in his eyes cos there's still so much of hatred meanwhile my dad is still with the same old behaviors. All I could ask for was a smooth and happy wedding ceremony in the simplest way... thank god it's all good except I'm not really happy that my uncle and aunt were the one who cover my veils & usher me out the house. They said it should be done by a perfectly married couple...oh well. Anyways, I am still happily married. My parents and family in laws are the nicest persons and sweet to me which I'm really really grateful for! 

2) Honeymoon

We went to Phuket during raining seasons and that's OK because we needed a good rest and break from all the planning and whatnot. We stayed at The Bell villa which was awesome with a private pool (luckily or else we won't have anything else to do). He promised me another proper honeymoon this year...hopefully all things (stronger MYR and increase of crude oil -> production) go well then we can head to NZ during Spring. Must be exciting to drive the caravan looking at those beautiful God's painting. Anyways, we booked for Bkk this May so let's focus on the shopping and massage first! :)

3) Health (Pray for healthier year in 2015!)
To be honest, it wasn't a good year for both of us. I was suspected with dengue fever due to dropping of platelet counts and luckily we managed to get it treated (papaya leaf juice?). Meanwhile for him, he got his first gout attack on his ankle which was so painful he was on 3 days MC. Later on, he got another attack end of the year on his index finger. At that moment, I realize health is your biggest wealth. You would trade anything to get a perfect good body. He is trying to eat right so to bring the uric acid level down. I really hope he will recover from this illness ASAP, it's sad to see him eliminating his favorite food.

4) Career
there's a reorganization and it impacted my role which i am required to get same/another role within the managed resourcing. although i have confident that I'll get a job somewhere somehow but i really felt terrible. no joke and it's really feel bad to know there's no job security and you may lose your job. my advice is do not get too complacent and always have that extra skills / competitive edge against your peers. the results are out and I am offered two roles which I am really passionate and one of it's a promotion. it was difficult for me to decide but at the end I let go of the promotion. I remember I fought so hard to get my ways into business (s&m) and I finally got it, the sales role. I know i will do well and make a strong positive impact to the business. 

5) Giving back to society
I'm very lucky to be able to do something back to society although through Happy Campers and volunteers FB group. Brought a group of kids to Kidzania and donated two computers for them. I really hope that they understand the importance of education to help them breakthrough their poverty. (Sigh, rat race?). Also, through the fb group, i managed to get some helps to the old folks home which i couldn't help directly. I think I want to commit to tutor the kids during weekends...something which i wanted to so for some time but dare not commit....i just worry my new role would take up some of the weekends and it's bad not to be able to be there all the weekends. i know excuses but still.. something beyond my control. 

My wish for 2015 is a healthier year to all the people I care esp. LK. I really hope he's able to eat well again, a smooth and successful year financially to the people I love. I hope we could get a bigger place in PJ so that his parents can come to stay with us and hopefully a little one will join us toooooo...but no i'm not preggie yet. ;P

Wednesday, September 10

Ashleekuan Wedding Day

6/9/2014 the union of Ashlee + Lee Kuan = #Ashleekuan

It was fun albeit quite tired with the preparations and lack of sleep (nervous?) 
I'm thankful for the great support from both families and generosity. They are wonderful and I hope God bless them with great health and happiness. 

I have 2 elder sisters and 2 younger brothers mean while lee Kuan has older bro and younger sister. I'm not sure about him but I've always wanted an older brother and younger sis and this union made my dreams come true. Now I have 2 elder sis, 1 older bro, 2 younger bro and 1 younger sis. Balanced and perfect. Hehe. To the koko, Jies, mei and didis, thank you for all the help and support given and I love you all... This message includes their partners too. :)

Our pretty jimuis and handsome Heng dais are awesome too! Not only they have to wake up super early on Saturday or travelled from Hanoi / Kuantan, etc, they are superb sporting and kind people on earth. I was told the jimui were pitiful towards the guys and let them easy. Lol. To carina, Wei Wei, yoke Hoo , shinying, Kahyee, laiyee and thu ha, thank you very much and god bless you with lotsa love and happiness!! Friendship forever and our kids become besties too. Lol.too much?
My husband and I wanted the ceremony as simple, down to earth and social able as possible since there are only 27 tables of closed friends and relatives. We hope we greeted and cheered with each and everyone. At least I was seen running from table to table in joy catching up with old friends and relatives, super excited to talk to them but I think time was quite limited. >___<

Nevertheless, we had a great time that day and glad the weather was awesome. Food was nice xcept I had to vomit all out due to excessive alcohol consumption. Hahah. Such a nice word to replace drunk. Haha.

To my husband, I promise I'll always love you, take good care of you and family, and be nice to you. Lol. Mucks!

Right now I'm writing from The Bell, Phuket. We are having honeymoon in this awesome villa with private swimming pool. Life is good. Thank you God for this perfect union and holidays. 

Sunday, April 6

It's the Day

I cannot believe that I am starting a new chapter of my life.

I started this blog in 2008 and I've documented so many big events and milestones of my life. It's been with me for many ups and many downs as well. Feeling all nostalgia starting to scribble now.

I am glad that God has been treating us well and protecting not only me, but my family members too. Tomorrow would be the day I have bigger family under your care, God. 

It's the day where my signature matters the most on a piece of paper called, marriage contract. 

It's the day where my surname changed to Ong.
It's the day where I have to devote my whole life to him, my husband.
It's the day where you and I are an inseparable item. 
It's the day where we are mature enough to starts family if God permits.

I pray that god will continue to bless us a husband and wife. 

Till death do us apart. 


Friday, June 7

Last countdown

In any distance relationship, I believe they mark their calendar and countdown towards the moment they will reunion again. They look forward to seeing and spending time with each other. I know I am. 

But, tonight it is a quite different. I am doing the last countdown. 

In exact 19 hours late, I will pick him up from the airport and that's it. He's back and work in KL. We'll staying together. 

Honestly, I pray the transition will be smooth and happy. We had a big argument last night because we were stressed out from work, probably a little bit of the coming changes of life. Don't get me wrong pls, I'm extremely looking forward to this day. 

Some note to myself: You are no longer a little girl who can just throw tantrum as you like. You need to be matured in thinking as well as making decision. It is OK to make mistake once, but not twice or thrice. Control emotion and live/work well with others who loves you, no more selfish. Be humble and learn, unlearn or relearn. Don't let your pride or ego overtake you. Be confident and happy. 

After rain and thunderstorm (which what I am in now - nothing to do w LK), I know Mr. Sunny and Ms. Rainbow will welcome me with a huge smile. :)

Wednesday, May 22

God, thank you for listening.

I am extremely excited for June July of 2013 as there are many good things that going to happen, for the first time. I am eager for the positive change.

1. LK will be back for good. It has been a good one year since he went to Beijing.
2. Our little home will be ready very soon, probably end of June. That's when we going to move in together and learn about each other more. I am sure we can find a way to live with each other.
3. New role, new working environment. Thank you, God for listening and providing such opportunity.
4. Plan for wedding.

These, I am grateful and thankful as it has finally materializing. All you need to do is ask and have faith.

God, thank you for listening.

Thursday, February 28

Chapter 1:

It was a beautiful morning with smooth traffic as I left my sister's house as early as 6.45a.m. I also got to park my car at the best spot in the entire parking lot, the one which is just next to the hotel lift. I was familiar with the surrounding because I was there a year ago for air-stewardess interview. Obviously, I failed otherwise I would have been flying around however I believe God has an awesome plan for me.

So there I was to attend a 4-day BA training on how to gather requirements. It was a last-minute plan planned by my previous line manager and I obliged happily. Who could resist being away from work for 4 days and be fed by 5-star hotel food?

I stomped into the training room happily as I was early. Being the earliest get to pick the best seat, the seat whereby you could see the trainer and projection easily without turning heads. Put bag down on the chair to book it and off to the refreshment corridor. Had a cup of aromatic black coffee and walked back into the room.

Out of sudden, one guy jumped in front of me and said hi! He extended his right hand I took it with gentle hand-shake. He asked if I could remember him and I shook my head shyly. I told him he looked rather familiar and met him somewhere before. I was right, he was one of the Miri grad whom I have met during my trip there last year.

The instructor walked in and we ended our conversation abruptly to head back to our seats. He was sitting to my right side, at another table behind mine.

30 minutes into the training, one 3rd degree colleague of mine, MR W walked into the room with faded round-collared t-shirt, faded jeans and slippers. He explained why he was late and then quickly grabbed a seat next to my "new found friend". Albeit he was under-dressed for this training, he was quite an active learner. He would challenge trainer on the content and throw in his opinions during discussions.

... to be continued. 

Thursday, January 3

Thank you, 2012

To be honest, I am glad and thankful that we survived the Mayan prediction. It really scared the hell out of me as those videos / interviews / documentary sounded so convincing and true. Well, that's the reason why you shouldn't believe what you read, see or hear because media interpretation is so greatly manipulate to create fear / havoc / god knows whatever reasons. So, Happy New Year people! :)

Despite the little fear within me, I think 2012 has been a pretty good year whereas many significant events have taken place in that short 12 months. Where should I even begin? Let's just start with the most significant ones first!

#1: Being proposed to and said yes!

Oh yes, that's the super duper important milestone in my life. Shit that reminds me that I haven't wrote about this special date yet. We were on a weekend vacation to Damai Laut, Lumut and in the mid of the movie, he muted the television and went on his one knee and mumbled some words and popped the question. As usual, he refused to stand up until I say Yes. Hahaha, how could I decline the sparkling diamond huh? Will remember to blog about this in details, I promise.

#2: Gotten a step brother.
He is a very fair and chubby baby boy and he does look like one of us. Unfortunately, he and his mother has returned to their country and LK has promised me that we will visit them this year. God, I pray that you will always care, love and protect them. May you lead him the smooth journey and that he loves to read and seek knowledge so that when he grows up, he will be an educated wise man with promising career. Kang Ang, I love you.

#3: Owned a home.

Bought a studio one bedroom condo two years ago and finally got the keys last two months. Going to renovate and furnish the house as comfy as possible so that when LK is back for good, we have our little place called HOME which will keep us united and strong couple.

#4: Flight upgraded to a business class.

I have heard it from my friends a few times which often made my jaws wide open. Perhaps, best thing really happen when you are least expecting. I was going to Beijing to be with my fiance for a short holiday and soon after I went to the waiting hall, the ground staff pegging for my name over the PA system and told me this wonderful surprise. The six hours journey was so amazingly comfortable and superb. Thank you Malaysia airlines for such a upgrade.

#5: Emceed the SBSC DeepaXmas Event and SBSC Charity Event.

To be honest, it is quite addictive to speak onto a microphone and the audiences had no choice but to look at my cheeky face and listen to my voice. Of course, they could play with their phones and whatnot but I feel great standing on stage. I think I owe this great opportunity to Toastmasters Club which gives me the platform to continuously improve my public speaking and leadership skills.

#6: Part of the Black Gloves dance team.
Together with four young and charming colleagues, we named ourselves The Black Gloves and emerged as the Winner of the SBSC Dance Video. Pretty cool thing to do while we're young because YOLO - You Only Live Once. We basically practiced one day and took another day to shoot video in six different locations. Madness. Oh, did I tell you that the very top IT management sent out email instructing this video to go viral in the department? Hell yah.

#7: Awarded Female Best Dressed
Blogged about this and you can read it here. The following days, I put in more effort to dress up nicely to office because I know people will mention this and I need to do my duty to uphold my image. Hahaha. A few weeks later, some acquaintance whom I have just met asked if I was that best dressed and commented I looked rather different which I replied, "oh ya lor, without the power of makeup and hair do I look like this only." T_T.

#8: Longer Distance between us.
He is sent to Beijing for a year assignment and that made our distance longer but thank god we're still in the same time zone. Actually, that's not so bad considering that we do not have to travel to be with each other as frequent as before (Miri -KL) and that kinda give us more focus on career which is important as we're still in our early twenties. Besides, we have much quality time when we're together now too. Sometimes, longer distance isn't that bad.

#9: Best friend got married, and migrated.
When we talked about who is going to be the first to be married, she is not the first that came into our prediction and we're all wrong... I am really happy for her that she has finally found his prince who swept her feet off the floor and happily married in NZ. I wish the very best in your married life and live the fairytale  "happily forever" life with him.

#10: Removed 17 moles.

Totally forgot about this. Read more here.

#11: SNOW

I thought it always snow in Beijing. I have seen some photos of the very thick snow taken there. When my flight landed, there airport was covered with white snow. So when LK told me there will not be snowing according to weather forecast, I said "What? Why? Why? Why? What do you mean it will not snow?". Quite true, I have been refreshing the Google Weather and looking out the window for every hour every day for the six days there's no sign of snow but the temperature was as low as -11. Wtf.

However on Friday (28 Dec), I had this feeling that it will snow when I stepped out of the hotel. Usually the sky was clear but that day, it's all white and gloomy. I was telling LK that it will snow, it will snow. He just laughed at me. After hours of walking around the Lama Temple and Hou Hai, I was very lethargic and tired...until I realized there are something falling from sky. They are very tiny and soft. Then everyone said snowflakes. My God, I was this ^___________________________^ happy, overjoyed by the fact that my instinct was right and I thank God for this magical moment. :)

#12: My sister is 5 months preggie!
Yeay, I am going to be an aunt very soon and I can't wait to see the baby this April. I hope he share the same birthday as me because I am so awesome and I bet he will be like me. Hohoho!

Twenty twelve, gave me twelve important events in my life which are equally meaningful and priceless.

God, thank you for valuables life experiences. I can't thank you enough for the challenges you have thrown at me to groom and develop me as a person by learning from the best lessons, be in in relationship, family, career. Also, God, thank you for protecting the persons I love to be healthy and happy,  make enough money to keep warm and full. Most importantly, for loving us for who we are. :)

I wish and hope that 2013 will treat us well, if not happier, healthier, prosperous life. Go out and find your happiness.