Wednesday, September 10

The best time ever

The particular route that i used to go to speedy padang every saturday morning. It was most enjoying moments ever. Going out at 7am and coming back home at 7pm. 12 hours long spent outside with a bunch of crazy friends and no handphone made us as free as birds. :)

Craziest thing we ever do:
1. Stole 2 bottles of chili sauce from KFC.
2. played "teng-kok-kok aka Aci patung/aci duduk" under the HOT sun (2pm?)
3. Played whole court under superduper heavy rain. The ball cant even be bounced.
4. Kap-chais. haha
5. Planned for the new year party. huhu.
6. Challenged the guys over a bottle of Coke.
7. Rode scooter at >80km/h, only 13-14 years old okay.

I really missed those time, so free and easy. Everyone was together, no quarrels.

Whenever you saw girls cycling in the town, with dark dark faces and sampat around at that year time, i think it would be us. :)


  1. haha~ i miss that time too! i dun think we will hav that time again coz we all grown up... but y i still the same old me? =.=

  2. what you mean same old you??? hahaa.....
    I want to play basketball la babe... hows the pangkor trip going on? haha

  3. i do always play here whenever i want coZ i find my basketball buddy... haha~ u can find me play if u want.. pangkor of coz stil on

  4. i just went!!! :)
    u come here la, we go play. hehe