Sunday, September 21

si beh excited!

Vietnam + Cambodia Trip early next year! :)))

I don't care, i gonna make it this round, even if i have to sacrifice on my food. Kakaka.

Si beh Excited, i can't sleep. :P


  1. Who are you going with? Sacrifice your food, you want to keep fit is it?

  2. with my friend. Yala, can kill 2 birds with one stone ma. :P

  3. syok nya..never been to vietnam b4..huh..
    cambodia used USD..must go angkor wat n tonle sap..nice ~

  4. yeah.. i hope this trip can be successful carried out la. really excited ma. have been wanting to go Halong Bay for long, hehe.
    Yeah, i heard angkor wat very very breathtaking. and tonle sap too.
    yalor, USD. you want to sponsor me ar? i can take lotsa of pictures for you. haha

  5. sponsor u ar?? haha..better i go again n take the photo my ur sis sponsor la..she so syok go japan..kns~
    now USD naik lagi.. damn..i change my usd100 months ago..rugi~

  6. really? then when should i change my money eh?
    she pk already lor, went japan d. haha

  7. u go ask la.. i heard that that day naik sampai 3.50 le..
    when u go??
    if ur sis pk..i donno siapa kaya lo..haha~

  8. next year january. U la kaya. u every year pergi luar negara ma... :P

  9. wei.. i pegi semua cheap cheap punya tempat la..u punya kakak pegi semua mahal mahal punya..mana boleh compare~ satu country(japan) ..i sudah boleh pegi bali banyak kali