Monday, October 13

Being sweet 21.

When i was 18, i wanted to get myself an photo album taken at some studio, because they say it's the most useful youthful time of you. Once you're 19, you no longer as young as 18. Due to the Malaysian culture, "Tomoro lah, Next Week la, no money yet, blah blah blah" I missed it. Damn right? If not i can proudly upload to my blog... and show off? haha.

So, times flies....

I'm freaking 21 now. I've gotten my freedom key from my parents last year, because I was 21 if according to chinese calender. Why must one get a freedom key at the age of 21? Parents believe that at the age of 21, you are already a young adult and should know how to behave and think, Thus they give you a key to unlock yourself from their supervision, No? Maybe you should google it. :P

So, TWENTY One comes once in everyone's life.

and i did not waste the opportunity of being 21, to have my photos taken to make it into an album just like how i wanted it when i was 18. I can show it off to my children, and grandchilren. "nah, your mader/po po looked so pretty kan??? " no? *knock on their heads until they say yes* HAha, evil evil. And i gonna force them to pass it down the generations to let them have a look of their great-grandmader.

Don't you think it's so meaningful?

p.s - the photos posted are from my own camera. I have yet gotten the pictures from him and i'm very excited to see them.
p.s.s - anyone interested to take some photos at titiwangsa? I'll be your cameragirl. ;) but only with 10MP la, no cool cool gadget like SLR. Just for fun.