Thursday, October 23

mr moo.

It hurts so much to see your friend is trying to flip away from the friendship. If i know it will ended up this way, i rather not to pick up a fight him that time. But i really couldn't take his words-supposed to be his jokes, it was quite rude and in a way insulting me. I guess many people forget that i am still a girl, who has sensitive feelings inside, although i look strong outside. I can joke and laugh with you, but please do not go over the border.

I guess we were too good that he never cared bout my feeling during that conversation and when he realized i blocked him (childish? i am) he started to ignore me.

I took a few days to cool off and forgot about that incident. I said Hello but he didn't seems to give response. =.=" It's like a complete stranger. No, strangers would smile to you if you smile to them.

hmm, was that my fault that i blocked him in the first place?
How to save this friendship?
he is an extraordinary weird guy lor... Very hard to tame him.

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