Monday, October 13

of cakes and tea

I have this colleague of mine, let's call her J. We shared two pieces of cake and a tea after work. J shared a lot of her experiences with me. She seems happy outside, but i could feel she isn't so afterall. She told me, her parents decided everything for her, from the university to the company that she should work in.

As much as i want to study abroad and i believe many people would want to if given opportunity, she said she suffered so much, that she is thankful that she passed her papers and graduated. She never like to go oversea and to do business. But her conservative and ego parents instructed her to go. After graduated, she worked for two years. She told me, she wasted 5 years of youth, doing something that is not what she wants and she is not gonna continue doing that again. So, by the age of 25, she finally decided to make the biggest change in her life, to do master in the course that she wants, Computer. Then, she worked as IT executive for two years. She says she finally feel alive again. Then she changed her work from IT exec to IT audit(after being nagged by her parents again) with the salary of a fresh graduates.

She always advices me to go after my dream.

"life is short, don't waste it like mine. I have wasted my five years of live, and now that being 29, doesn't help me much."

Internship, is not about what you learn in office, but rather to mix around and listen to their stories. They have gone through what you are going through, they have the thought of what you gonna think. One thing that i going to miss badly after my internship are these bunch of friends i made, they love me like their little sister!

I gonna stack up my pillow tonight and think of what i want to do with my life.

good night peeps.

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  1. you la, hebat, curi tulang also can be so romantic ..... speechless....