Monday, October 20

F & T (Friday & Tagged)

“What the hell, the part time job is CANCEL?!?”

Hell yeah. Damn. What to do this weekend?”

Go lepak your house!

So, I took out my phone and text Barbee and Safkok.

Them: “go do what

Donno. Just conquer laa.. Bring extra clothes. Swimming or stay over. Okay?

I fetched Saf and reached Ww’s place around 10:30pm while Barbee was suppose to fetch Ww back from work. But, pity me and saf, because we donated blood, while barbee and ww were dating oopss MIA for the farking ONE HOUR.

We went to mamak straight away to fill up our stomach. The roti telur was so nice. It’s been a few months since I last ate one, J

Oh shit, I forgot what happened on the first night.


Ww’s the only housemate was in her own room with her new bf when we got back.

So we all cramped inside Ww’s room, expecting to hear some noises from the next room. In the meantime, we explore ww’s computer and found many naked picture of her friends, who has extremely big nen nen. And the naughty me, I took one of the best nen nen ever found.


Maybe, because of stress from everyday life, money not enough, stress from work and etc, we laughed so hard that night, even on the stupidest word, or picture, apparently on everything which of course including that picture above. Besides, we also watched ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 1 and the second part of a Chinese movie by Louis Koo and Sammy Cheng. We learnt a new formula.

True love = Love + sex.

Okay, go make love with your LOVER now. Or else it is not true love! *evil laugh*

To our dismay, we couldn’t hear anything from the next room. So they left around 5 in the morning, feeling so un-H.

To be continued with more picture….

Oklah, one picture to lure you guys back tomorrow.

Oopsss… what were they doing at the wee hour with that kind of face???

I am tagged by wan sin.

**People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state the rules clearly.

**At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

** No tags back!

1. I have a GPS installed in my head. Where you wanna go tonight?
2.I get along better with males than females, i am tomboy also la......
3.It's hard for me to like something/someone once i dislike them, but .. got exception one. (does that makes me weird?)
4.Sometimes, when i control myself, i can't speak fluently and logically esp trying to impress someone. wtf
5. I don't understand why human needs to take bath or more than once daily. haha
6. I can be very friendly now, and then get super emotional the next second and ignore you.
7.I get jealous easily at the stupidest thing.
8. I have stupid sense of humor and once i got high of laughing, it just won't stop.
9. I think plain water is sweet.
10. I can't sleep if i consume coffee or tea during the day or night, sometimes.
11. I get paranoid if someone treat me super duper nice, esp from the opposite gender.

I mau tag :
Kok Poh Cheong
Adam Loo
Ong Kee Hui
Tang Ang Khian
Edrea Chua
Tan Shu Ying
Ng Kah Yee
Joshua Ling
Eeo Ai Ting
Foo Fang Xuan

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