Tuesday, November 4

UTP Toilet Awareness Day

CarinaGui's new status message - utp toilet awareness day [orang yang tak tau flush] jangan kucari sape org nye. siap la lu 1:06 AM
It's been three years and without failed, this problem happens all the semesters. What i don't understand is, you grow older each semester and supposingly you get smarter right. (if not quit study now) BUT i do not understand why your IQ + EQ = Retarded.

Don't you are told, FLUSH YOUR TOILET after use?

Damn, even when i wasn't there this semester but i can imagine the yellowish urine, and your aunty visit stain. OMF. Why is it so hard to PRESS that freaking button? Don't you feel ashamed of yourself? We all know who you are, we respect you by not confronting you. Damn. Don't you get all these GTalk Captions?

Hello, TWENTY ONE years old already okay. Please do not tell me you have no strength to PUSH that little button C O M P L E T E L Y hor. Is it so hard to make sure that you flush all your dirty dirty stuff away for other's comfort? We are sharing toilets and we all know SHARING IS CARING.

btw, don't you feel ashamed if the next person go into the toilet once you are out and they see those *awwww* thingy there. OF COURSE LA KAN!!!!!!??????


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  1. If only UTP toilets are PETRONAS grade. :D Only and Only if UTP facilities are ALL PETRONAS grade. Would be nice to have the RM2 toilet from SURIA KLCC in UTP... but free de la of course.. :P