Thursday, December 11

China Trip - Visit to the Zoo

I think i run out of topics to blog. Also it's been long since i posted real a lot of pictures. I guess the continuity of my china trip would be nice and presentable. btw, this trip was during Feb this year, yah, it's been such a long time ago. But i think the time passes faster as we get older.
I damn missing my ahlian bob hair. :(

Got down from the bus, everyone busy wearing jackets, putting on gloves, shawls, caps, stokins, shoes, and smoke (see the uncle in white, second from left)

die die must buy ice-cream, and pose. Do you know, that ice cream doesn't melt so quickly in there, compared to Malaysia and it tasted Xtra yummy and icy. Ice Ice Baby.
We were given a book, more to a guidebook i think. Since it's in Chinese, so .. i think it's a waste of paper. Save the TREE.

Remember my previous(last month) post on the This is what happened if you travel with a bunch of girls, you will still find it here, in this post but not so obvious. Check it out

"what to do? pretty and beautiful flowers, perfect for background, what!"
My sister took the left turn while i took the right turn
and i got lost in the zoo~Help!
My mummy and me.
Lovely us
at one point, we were lazy to walk,so we took train to the sahari, where i met many of my friends!
the family of my pretty aunt. I think her husband very lengchai lor. agree mou?
the sisters. i AM always mistaken for being the eldest. wtf.
oh, it is so dusty during the safari ride until i had to cover my nose and my mouth to avoid my lungs filled with dust...

Seriously, i think it's very unhealthy to the animals. Despite the polluted air, the train is so laoyah and noisy too. I really pitied those animals, living in such a polluted environment. People, please do not chop off the trees and clear the forest. These homeless animals are there because of human! imagine someone came to demolish your house, and you have no place but to stay at welfare houses or (please insert your own imaginary)

The end of public announcement

***Please allow me to guide you throughout the train ride***






Meet my friend, Mr Kangaroo Lee Tze Yang, lying sexily on the grass seducing.

This is Ms Carina Gui, who was seducing Mr Kangaroo above.Mr Czpus and family seems to be quite moody today. Let's not get near them, alright?Guys, seems like Mr Adam Loo and family are quite busy too.
Ahhh, Mr Bee Cheng Loon!! *viewww vit!*
seems like he is not in the mood to roar for us! cheh, lansi.Mr Chuah Chong Kian and family are still sleeping. OMG, so late already still don't want to wake up. Such a lazy tiger!
Oooh, See Ms. Joelle Chow is spreading her skirt feathers! Beautiful isn't she?

Ms Goh Yoke Hoon is as usual in her comfort zone, with Mr Kong Chai Chen behind her.
Shhh, Mr Tan Kean Tat is busy dating with his gf.
Wow, such a colorful Mr Ong Kee Hui. Ei, don't simply stare la! Mr Kok Poh Cheong is waiting someone it seems~
Seems like Ms. Crescentia has some argument with her darling~

Aiseh, why all the animals so sien one? If not sleeping/lazying around, sure not in the mood to entertain us. Waste money hor??

**the story above only ciptaan semata-mata. No kaitan with those who still hidup or mati. Please don't sue me. Gua takde Duit!!!**
(seriously, just for fun okay. please don't get mad!)

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