Wednesday, December 24

Don't read. I'm whining Part II

I woke up this morning, complaining to my sister about going to work on a Xmas Eve. Well, i don't celebrate it, but i am not happy being asked to go to client place still when i have no more work that yet to completed. really cilakak one lor, can't you allow me to go back office, so that i can have the half day privillege? Argghhhh...

I wasn't complaining in words today, but more like, "yerrrrrrrrrrrr.... arhhhh..... hmmmmm" for like every here and then. It sounded like a baby merajuk over something that she didn't get.

I think after 10 minutes, my sister couldn't take it any longer and said something very mean to me, in a very motherly way. "Diam, Kao liao ah. Mai luan liao ar!" (Shut up, enough already okay. Don't noisy noisy).

I immediately shup my mouth up because i felt scared... It's been long since someone has actually warn me with that serious face and tone. Hahaha.

It's christmas eve today. What do you do on a christmas eve night?

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