Tuesday, December 16

I'm not a girl, not yet a woman.

Last Friday, i went to a private function which was held in Frangipani, behind Jalan Alor.It was a last minute plan because my sister suddenly felt the bored of staying home on Friday night. Us, while waiting for traffic lights
Kimmie, Kelsen, Me, Shanne, RaymondThe Crowd
Oh, I forgot to tell you, it's a Gay Bar that i went. Hence the crowd was 99.99% guys/gays.
Can see cannot flirt.
If you(females) are topless or whatever, they won't get attracted.
The theory is:
IF you are a FEMALE, you are invisible to them or in the crowd.
and most of the guys/gays there are very good looking, compared to those ahbengs/nerdy in normal clubs!
Free Flow of booze. :)
Due to the invisible us, we got bored and camwhored in the toilet.
Oh, the she-males or the O's in the relationship, go to the Woman's toilet instead of Males.
It was such an experience for me.
Oh ya, i saw a pair of lesbian french-kissing on the dance floor.
so long, like 5 minutes?
KelsenTan (my bau bau bacang cousin)

There was a man, came dancing in front of me.
Friend : "hey, he is hinting on you, go dance with him!"
Me : "How sure you are that he is straight?"
Friend : "Not sure, but you can check it out."
Me: "He is oldddd"
Friend : "Maybe he is rich"
Me : "He is not good looking!!!!!"
Friend : "True True!!"
Friend & Me : hahahahhahahahaha

Then, my friend taught me how to differentiate if the guy is gay or not.
1.They wear body fit clothes, and tight pants.
2. They have manly build body
3. They are brand conscious
4. They have signature walks!


  1. oooo....gays....ooo....

    so sad, i just discovered that i dun even qualified to be gay....

    1. body fit clothes....i am a bit fat so cannot
    2. manly build body...haha, ade kah?
    3. brand conscious....no money la
    4. signature walks....the only thing i can learn....but also not talented in...

    cham lo, cannot be good looking gay...

  2. c'mon kian. There are a lot of types of gays. The criteria that my friend mentioned probably, i think are those high standard gay. So don't be worry. I think ur roomate not so high standard, so u low low class pun jadilah.. :P

    I remember you look pretty with earrings and boobs. Right?