Tuesday, January 20

Vietnam - Halong Bay

Day 2: Halong Bay

We woke up around 4.30am to pack our stuff to catch the 5.30am bus to Halong Bay. A ticket costs VND60,0000/40,0000 = RM15 and the journey takes around 4 hours.

trying to fit 4 of us into the camera
tadah.. laiyee was sleeping.welcome to HB. :)
posting with the ticket and the ship
which costs US$23 *3.5 = RM87.5
wah lao, now i think it's too expensive man!

our shipmates!!!
there is a super duper lengchai on the left side.
3rd from the left.
thats me and laiyee
the plastic in front contains our food throughout the trip.
jelly, half jagung, bread, cakes, mineral water, banana, guava...
i dropped the RM10 sunglasses i bought at the night market
and the lenses dropped.
we laughed loudly...
and pose with it...
everyone was still laughing...
i poked out the other lenses....then, they say i looked like Ugly Betty.
Laiyee says i'm not ugly betty but pretty betty...
and took a pic together..

Grrr.. i'm not UGLY BETTY!!!
have you zoom in the picture to see the lengchai or not????
oklah, a bigger picture of him...

CHUN right???
omg he is so yeng..
like a model reading a lonely planet.

he says my spec is cute..
and he wants to wear it.
the prince found ugly betty and they live happily ever after!!!

okay, end of story.


Things that you must do in HB.

1. The welcome pose.
2. pose in front of big rocks. (sitting and solo)

3. pose in front of big rocks (Standing with a buddy)3. Pose in front of the big rocks with self-timer.
4. Pose in front of the big rocks and act like you are adoring at the beautiful view. (candid style)5. Pose in front of the big rocks with your whole gang (must act silly)5. Take picture with the local hot chicks.
6. Pose with the local fruits. (can be bought there)
7. pose catching the fish.8. Pose in the ship with the lunch ( mana ada lunch.. french fries, popiah goreng, sotong sikit masak bawang banyak, ikan paya bakau, sayur tak segar)... !!
9. Yum Seng before the lunch...(beer is not include in the package. US$2 per can)
10. have a close-up picture in front of the big rocks
11. take plenty of the views to let people know that you have been there.

IF you believe all the things above, i can hang my head and die.....

actually it's also a must thing to do there. Hang your head act like it's a piece of cloth. :P

while waiting for our van to pick us up.....
bb Halong Bay!!!

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  1. jin jia song la lu...wa pun ai kiiii....

  2. ki ki!!! jin jia shui!!!
    you better go during summer(hot season) because u can do alot activities like swimming and kayaking.
    :( we cant do anything coz it winter(cold season)

  3. ooo...but phoung ask me go during winter more song wor...damn..i am raising fund now haha...how much did you spend roughly? minus cambodia since i went dy =P

  4. Maybe winter song because it was chill all the time, but u can't swim and kayak, very wasted lor.

    i spent arnd rm2k includes air fares and cambodia.

    but if minus cambodia should be around Rm1.4 like that? coz i think cambodia is more expensive than vietnam in terms of food and lodgings.

    But we travelled in 4 la, so if the room is RM30, 1 ppl around RM7 per night.