Sunday, February 15

2.5 days?

Finally, i'm done with The Gem of Life. Man, it's so time consuming. imagine one episode is around 45 minutes. 82 freaking episodes = 61.5 hours = 2 .5 days. Oh Man!!!

My daily routine was,
wake up. if too early for class, i will watch one episode, sometimes too chi kek/kan cheong/(excited) i might skip class to continue it. then after class, continue on with the series, sacrifice my evening nap/jogging/sports/meal until late at night, probably 2-3a.m?

and that continued almost everyday since i came back from CNY.

=.=" the ending was a little bit, bored. everyone lived happily ever after.

Now, im craving for a bowl of rice and a fried egg. Yummy

1 comment:

  1. ya.. i don like the ending too..
    disappointed.. bllueeekkkkkkkk