Thursday, February 12

Hold your saliva please.

This is a very rare case, that i will be blogging on FOOD. ha ha. We had these in Nha Trang ;)

pancake with mango and honey
VND32 000 = RM 8

Fried noodles
USD 32 000 = RM 8
Vietnamese Coffee
VND 8000 = RM 2
egg Pudding.
Super duper extremely delicious
Wait, it's not to be eaten alone.. but with
-dun no what it's called-
it's so yummy we went for second time the next day
it's only VND4000 = RM1.00the little stall
free chinese tea sommore.

famous dish
-forget it's name-
VND 4000 = RM1
its made of rice cooked on the round pot
like apom in msia kind of pot
it's either eaten with egg or meat
and the spring onion
the aunty who cooked the dish above.
Dsloong had more than 6 i think

Bun Bo Hue
VND20,000 = RM 4
Pork/beef noodles.
tasted like tomyam a bit, prawn mee a bit
all in all, it's big portion and delicious.

squeeze lemon in it
2 ppl share one noodle.

Bun Hoi
something like puttu mayam
minus the coconut and sugar
plus sausage and curry powder?
VND7000 = RM 1.75Cum Chao Vit
chicken porridge lor
VND 15 000 = RM3.75
not bad la...
century egg porridge better
the porridge stall.

Koi Thit chien
like burger a bit,which the bread made of rice cake.
VND2 000 = RM 0.50

Ice Creammmm
VND3 000 = RM0.85
with lotsa coconut and peanut.
nice and yummy.

banh mi
we saw this bun everywhere since Hanoi
but didn't dare to buy and try
because it looked so hard
but anyway we tried.
VND20 000 = RM 5
so delicious, laiyee and heng chiang staring at me!
banh canh
omg. it's the most delicious noodle i have ever tried.
and guess what,
it's super duper CHEAP
do the calculation please
let me tell you la

xoi sow cow
rice bean, laiyee says it's very healthy food wor..
not bad la, quite nice also
VND20 000 = RM 5

we traveled around the city via bike and motorcycle and walking too.
once we found some stall that smell good
we immediately stop and sit
and order.
and write the details on this piece of paper
that they provide in most of the stalls
as tissue papers.

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