Tuesday, February 10

i'm so in love <3

with my wonderful FRIENDS... they are one bunch of people whom you will never get bored or sick of and you wish to skip your lectures to spend more time with them.

ZP said, "i betrayed friends for friends" when i ffk them for the Genting trip.

Hmm... not my fault le, BLAME my friends. jk.
I went to crab island instead. it was a sudden and unplanned trip. That's when you traveled 45 minutes all the way to Port Klang via KTM, spend another 40 minutes to the island via boat but only spent like 1.5 hours there in the island itself. then, another 40 minutes back to the port klang and another 45 minutes back to our homes. Crazy but fun. Every minute was filled with laughters and silly jokes, not forgetting the sexy bitchy tongue game in the way back. Harry was so creative and he kept changing the nature of the game. :D

At night, we went to clubbing. It was sunday night, and it was a silent night. Damn, where were the people. We had so much fun tho. :)

and that night i went a little tipsy. Aghh... coming back to UTP was so stressful, with the FYP and all. I promised myself that week would be my last week of craziness before setting down and be serious. haha. Oh babe, We are heading Bali this december!!!!! YAhhooooo

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