Wednesday, February 4

Thu Ha @ Teluk Intan :)

Yo, that's Thu Ha, my vietnamese coursemate.
I forced invited her over to my hometown to pai ti kong on Monday night.
prayers at Lai Yee's uncle's house.
yeah, that's the whole roasted pig! yummmyyLai Yee, Thu Ha and Cheng Loon

Before she sleeps, i told her i'm going to bring her to eat lotsa yummy local food in Teluk Intan such as chee cheong fan, char kuey teow, lok lok, mee rebus, ais kacang, laksa, nasi kandar, tom yam and lotsss more!

she says : OKAY :) :D

after lunch at Krishnan nasi kandar, we went to visit the famous Leaning Clock Tower! :)
The clock tower was originally used as a water tower, supplying water to the town area, while also reporting the time to all townfolk... go google la... :P

Before it became a plaza, people are not allowed to into the tower. But not now!!
we want to get down!

side face is better :)
Ha and Yee
That's the staircase to upper floor
act cute?
let's kick him down! lol
where are youuu????
Thu Ha, Me, Bee, Lai Yee and Boon Teong
a perfect group photo

after that went to hawaii to have ice kacang.
laiyee's man tau long
Ha's honey dew sai mai lou

wang lee hom look alike? self-claimed.

Too bad, Ha is not lucky. Almost all the shops were closed due to the prayer. T_T kesiannyerrr....


  1. 2 compensate, next time u bring 2 utp hehe. I luv the stupid pic there haha. but u r not in hoho

  2. no.. next time come with me again.. ill make sure it's not closed. haha