Tuesday, February 17

wah, super fast connection in UTP

The internet connection is so lousy and shitty. DAMN it. Let's see the reviews on GtAlk.

Barney: Our uni LAN is as shitty as TMnet Shitmyx

ChuahChongKian: [ -_- ] http://meiskian.blogspot.com/ =Even my hair grows faster than the internet.=

Annas Salihin Zulkifli: internet kau leh g mampos~

shira.rukawa: doing work with an Internet connection slower than a marching band of turtles.

This one is the best, can do business some more!

chiaming87: Frustrated wit UTP internet connection? Introducing Celcom broadband 3G service! Fast, stable and mobile.Starting from as low as RM 25 only! PM me for more detail

Sigh, i think i better don't complaint too much. Because i can still upload this post ( i think so)

Oh, you want to know about my shout out at Gtalk?

sheateng254 : Gambate ppl!! Prelim makan kacang.

yeah, it's as easy as eating nuts and make you NUTS. of course with the help of the sloooooww connection.


  1. I like the wall paper. It has commercial value I think. Use it for some sorta photo contest.

    My connection is freaking fast! Good...

  2. thanks.. but i better keep it to myself. :P

    *shy shy*

    Don't berlagak. next sem you come back u damn in shit. i wish u the same connection, haha..
    oh ya, u have 2 project right? hahaha