Wednesday, March 18

super duper sien post

wah sai, i can't stand any longer. I can't wait for my mid term break..starting this friday...

The most kanasai thing is having a test on friday itself. You can't wait for the break while you don't seem to be able to finish 5 chapters in a day.

I tried to read. But every time i read the first line, i started to yawn. Ended up in bed telling myself, sleep early tonight, wake up super early tomorrow like 8a.m to do revision. Turned out, i have more than 10 hours of sleep.

so you thought you have pretty much of rest, you won't get sleepy during the noon and would be able to do some reading.

Somehow, the devil side of me managed to kill the angel so i was taking evening nap for three freaking hours instead of fifteen minutes?

I jumped out of the bed feeling guilty, but ended up stalking at people's blogs and nudge everyone in my msn, turned out to be having DC most of the times and they started to get annoyed having me nudge them but i was offline when they sent me a msg. =.=~

Feeling lonely and left out (no response from the msn) i started to feel sleepy again when i decided to read. Or HUNGRY.

then i pm (private message) my UTPians friends to go sushi (ever since the first week) but getting negative response. KNNCCB, Ipoh very far meh? why no one wants to go?? Ishh...

Speaking of ipoh, i only went 3-4 times this semester. It's week 9 already. So katak di bawah tempurung lah, i got to know IpohParade got FOS from ppl's blog... ma gu! so huan chu lah. kns.

aghh... the loaf of bread is expiring today and the eggs end of this month. I so damn hate fried eggs, bread, margerin now. I want to puke out the 6 slides of bread i had for dinner. I want sushi!!!

I wished i was still doing my internship. Where you got a gang of makan/lawak/main/club kaki.... T_T~

I miss you guys, you know who you are la right?


  1. it's a symptom of a disease called lazy_student. hehe.. not only u but me also who has the same disease.. :)