Sunday, March 8

Update of the prelims.

As soon as we crossed the finishing line and handed our check point cards over, the time keeper stopped the timer. It showed 29 minutes and we were third placing for that slot. I believe and pray that the time is good enough for us to go into finals. The committee said the best group so far finished the preliminary in 22 minutes. Only 20 groups out of 80 groups to go for Final.
Yakin Boleh definitely in! *finger crossed*
Yakin Boleh
(Pakker and Naim)

The task was 3 rounds of the lake field, 2 before and 1 after the puzzle. I've never play that puzzle before -> there are many pins on a board and a string attached to one of those. We need to connect all the pins with that string with the conditions that the string must cross at each pin before connect to the others and the string must precisely ends at the last pin, without being too much or too little.
(yellow round round are the pins, and the white thingy is the string)

I want to thank my teammates for being so supportive and considerate throughout the race. They ran with me, and "Ashlee, go go go. sikit lagi", "keep up the space","you're doing good".
They could have ran ahead of me and cheered for me at the finishing line, but they didn't leave me behind..... We crossed the finishing line together as a team.
Even though i was tired and as much as i wanted to stop running and walking instead, i hold myself as far as i could, because i was touched by their efforts they put in the team. I also want to contribute a little bit, by running faster. Hehe. and that makes a good team spirit.

p/s: I have been running up and down to check the washing machine for 6 times!!! WTH. i couldn't stand any longer and i brought my newspaper along to read while waiting for my turn.
p/p/s: The wireless isn't working and left the LAN connection which the snails above can probably move faster than it. See the snail is laughing!

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