Friday, April 3

Are you contented?

I have a friend. He was complaining how unhappy his life is. From what i observe, he is living comfortably.

I said, be contented. If you think you're sad about the life you're leading, think again! There are many others who are worse than you. No shelters, no food, no money.

He protested, why do I want to compare his with people who are worse, why not compare with those better ones?

Another friend interrupted. You see, when you want to feel good about your life, compare it with those less fortunate than yourself. But when you need motivation to improve your life, compare it with those better than you.
Life is hard to be please isn't it? Everyone has different wants and needs and satisfaction.

Contented. Easily said. But how to be contented?

How much money you need to be happy?
How much freedom you need to be happy?
How much love you need to be happy?

I think it's a lie for those who said they are contented with their lives. I believe there's no one who thinks his/her life is great. "I have the life i want and i am happy with it, i don't need a change."

It's a white lies to assure that they are happy, at least some comfort words from themselves to THEMSELVES! If they don't think that way, then they would be living miserably thinking how to improve theirs.

Are you really happy with what you have now?

Sometimes i wonder why there is life. What was in His mind when He created human. It is an unfair world afterall. You don't get what you wanted despite how much effort you have put in, while some others just got it easily...

Don't tell me it's fair by telling me there is no perfectionism.


  1. ok, since i'm older than u now, means i can falsafah lol. Man should appreciate their life and what they had, but not satisfy with them.This will keep them motivated and keep fighting for their goal. The day when u realise u r finally contented with ur life, marks the end of ur day ! Of coz, if this world is equal n fair, everyone live the same life, then who will still wan to fight n improve their life ....

    Your Truly,


  2. Point taken, be appreciate rather than satisfy.

    HAih, it's just a grumbling post from me, coz there's not much we can do about to improve for NOW.