Wednesday, April 1

Day 10 : Siam Reap I

The only thing that i remembered doing in PhnomPenh(PP) was my balut experience. Kidding not, i attended my friend's sister's wedding dinner and rode motor around the town and got lost. Shall blog about it later after i received the photos.

We took an 8 hours bus ride from PP to SiamReap(SR). It was the most torturous bus ride ever. Old bus, Jacky Chan speaking in Cambodia language in the loudest volume for the first two hours, then the super old mtv of Cambodia local singers for another two hours, and then another old chinese movie, speaking in their dialect of course until we reach SR. I plucked in my headphones and adjusted volume to the loudest, covered my whole head into my jacket. You still heard the background music/movie. Oh, when you were started to fall asleep, the bus stopped for toilet or rest. KNNCCB.

We stopped for lunch somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I was hungry, and i told laiyee i wanted to eat rice. But i changed my mind when i saw this !
a cooked tortoise!!!!
OMF, it's so GROSS

In the end, we were left with no choice but to buy some overpriced biscuits at the small stall nearby. KNN. We continued the other half of the journey until we stopped at a bus company. It was so deserted and there were a bunch of tuk-tuk(TT) drivers waiting for us. We bargained for the best price to go to the town at USD 2.
- dusty roads -

We told him where we wanted to go, some guest houses that offers USD 3-5 a room per night, but the damn TT just won't bring us there. Telling us it was so far, and brought us around to some guest houses which was quite isolated, based on the budget that we gave him, USD 6-8. In the end, we stayed at this guest house which was quite expensive USD 10.
Lee Phal Lean Angkor Guest House
(sorry for the messy room)
two beds with toilet attached
People told me, the TT driver got commission from the money we paid.
that's why it's a little bit pricey.

And, the TT is supposed to stick with you throughout your stay at the SR. When we put our luggage at the room, the receptionist told us to wait for a few minutes for the TT to fetch us. We waited for 20 minutes, and other TTs just won't take you. It's kind off collaborations among the TT. When he came, he took us to the Angkor Wat to see the sun set at USD 14. KANASAI!!! Later we found out it shouldn't be so expensive. You can get like USD 10 or lower. @##%@^

SUN SET at Angkor Wat
USD 20 for a day pass.
I suggest you to buy the ticket after 5pm a day earlier to watch the sunset and still entitled for a day pass the next day.

there, the tt who cheated us!
it was so CALM and tranquil
kids playing football
laiyee was happy!
villagers resting under the tree
some atap houses along the way
halfway trekking up the hill
praying to the statue. of. cow?
rocks everywhere!more rocks
Apa lagi?
pose and snap lah! ;P
it was very crowded

.sun sets.
on our way to go back
Bayon wat?
can't remember.

Buffet dinner at the town.
it's the most expensive meal ever throughout the trip. USD 12 per person. Considering that it could be the last meal, why not indulge in something nicer? not much choices and varieties.
lesser than what we expected.
the best desert ever.
egg pudding + pumpkin

Not bad lah, at least got some performances to watch. :)
and you get the chance to take group pictures with the dancers for FREE!
After dinner we went to the noon night mart.

you know what?
the night market is still very new in the town.
before this, there's none!
most of the shops close at 7pm
a cute little boy selling hammocks
so adorable, isn't he?
Hence, the shops are very well organized and clean!:)

up next : ANGKOR WAT!

p/s : KNN, connection went out and i need to retype the post again! wth

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  1. i miss out the chance to see the sunset at angkor wat during my visit there..
    i only able to catch up the sunset at tonle sap~

  2. at least you went to tonle sap. Sigh, we missed out so many tourist attractions. Gonna plan properly next time d.

    how was the sunset there?

  3. hehe.. sheateng.. next time u go, do inform me in advance.. at least, i can accompany u la.. hehe.. dun complain.. already told u how it's like.. hehe..

  4. Hmm, i will tell you earlier next time.
    bring your brother along yah?