Tuesday, May 19

Ever changing hairstyles

Those major hair changes made ever since i enter UTP


  1. hehe.. so what r u trying to do here?? promoting urself or sth?? haha.. just kidding.. er.. honestly, u look better in long hair.. see the one on the top right corner?? hehe.. a bit messy but nice.. 100 times better than the bottom right... hahah.. :D

  2. wow, kirei desu ne... so many kinds of hairstyles u got! :)

  3. davuth: nooo, my intention is to tell YOU i changed damn a lot of hairstyles within the short period of 3 years. wtf. I know i know i look good with long hair, in your opinion. BUT in others opinion i also look good with shorter hair. So my conclusion is, I look good with any hair. hahahhahaha. :P Which is true loh, hor???? hahah

    Icebreaker :ya many. please pick one which you think is the nicest. haha.