Wednesday, May 27

Finally, it's MY turn.

i have finished my papers. *jump into the air* Though it's a bit later than most of my friends here, but heck i am done. Yippee.

Now i need to pack all my belongings and dump them into my sangkancil and drive back to my home sweet home. Unpack and pack for my trip. In fact i have already sorted out my clothes and decided what to bring. :) Since I can't shop there due to financial insufficient, I gonna make sure i wear something nice so that I won't feel bad. Hehe.

My flights is at 11.45 Thursday night. If you can't send me off, please wave your hand outside your house, i might spot you. :)

Adios.. take care everyone. Have a great holidays and enjoyyyyy~

I have finished my paper! ( lol )

1 comment:

  1. Thursday night? Very very fast indeed... dun forget my present ok? and also, dun forget to take photo of the hot girls there.. hehe..