Thursday, May 14

Nonsense before paper *UPDATED*

In less than 1 hour i will be sitting for my IPM (Itu Perempuan Murah) paper. T_T Feeling rather panic and scary right now, i don't know what will happen in the war later, because I am not well equipped with those sophisticated machine guns, all i have is a small knife, enough to protect myself by stabbing those who come near me. (T___T)

Define Investment and explain why individuals invest:
An investment is any vehicle into which funds can be placed with the expectation of increasing value and earning positive rate of return. An investment can be a security or a property.
Individual invests because an investment has the potential to increase value and to earn income. It is important to stress than this does not imply that an investment will in fact preserve value or earn income. Bad investments do exist.

I think the first thing i am going to do when i go into the exam hall is,
Pray to Kuanyinma, guangong, datukkong, chorma-chorkong etc asking for their poppee. I'm little girl wanting to have their bless throughout my IPM paper this 3 hours. Please poppee me, the siaocharbo. Poppee wa eh hiao chor siang kuan chiak kacang ah neh. Poppee wa eh kor ho ho lai. poppee...... (^_^)

What are short term vehicle? How do they provide liquidity?
Short term vehicles are those that usually have lives of less than one year such as current savings. These vehicles may be used to "warehouse" temporary idle funds while suitable long term vehicles are evaluated. Die to their safety and convenient, they are popular with those who wish to earn a return on temporarily idle funds or with the very conservative investor who may use these short term vehicles as a primary investment outlet. In addition to their "warehousing" function, short-term vehicles provide liquidity - they can be converted into cash quickly and with little or no loss in value. This characteristic is very useful when investors need to meet unexpected expenses or take advantage of attractive opportunities.

If this not going to work, i am going to jump onto the lecturer (if he's coming) and stab him with my knife at the end of the paper. Or, go to the registry unit and complaint about his class is boring and his lectures were shitty that i didn't learn anything!

What should an investor first establish before developing and executing an investment program? Briefly describe each of the seven steps involved in investing.
Before investing, the investors must ensure that
- necessities of life such as funds for housing, food, transportation, taxes, etc are fully provided for;
- investor is adequately insured against the losses resulting from death, illness or disability, property, etc;
- establish retirement goals.

The seven steps in investing are as follows:

Sigh, the time is tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock, What should i do now? what can i do now? Okay, i need to go dressed up and make up to seduce the lecturer if he's coming so that he will give me answers for the questions that i do not know. Do you think it works?

What are the four common investment goals?
Enhancing current income
Saving for major expenditure
Accumulate retirement funds
sheltering income from taxes

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It's raining, inside and outside now. literally.

After so many weeks, finally it's raining, RIGHT AFTER i walked out from the exam hall. Coincident? Maybe God knows how i feel. Maybe! Well, all i can do is to pray to God for a better result. Well, whatever past is past, i should focus on my coming papers! :( Well Well Well ,(jhualing style) Hoho...

hey, can't wait for the engineerings to come back next sem. I miss all the dramas and gossips. Faster come back!