Monday, May 18

UTPians, i have a question to ask you

Was it raining HEAVILY this early morning, approximately 6a.m, 18May, Monday???

I have no idea about it when my housemate said:
This morning rain so heavy ah! thunders so loud sommore!!

When? Got meh? How come i didn't know???? (because i was dying for heavy rain, since it's so hot here)

and this is what my roommate told me:
Got la, you woke up to close the windows some more!

WtH? How come i have no idea i woke up and closed the ALL the windows. _ _ ~

p/s: Whoever left the CE test 1 on my table please give me a message. I wanted to know badly who has left it here!!!

1 comment:

  1. are there any possibilities that a ghost is inside u??? :P