Tuesday, June 9

3 Three Tree

3 pretty ladies during the 12 hours flight.

Three big backpacks

Trees in Rome

Good morning Malaysia. It's already 9am i suppose because it's already 2 here. I am missing Malaysia, family, friends, and food. ;(

Sorry for the lack of updates and this is not a proper update too because tooo many pictures and too many days went by without blogging and I started to get panic to get blogging started and decided to abandon the blog and missing all the comments and messages from you all and i am so eager to blog now but i don't know where to start lor and please tell me what you want to know first.
- Landed supergirl in Rome?
- Cold to death in Edinburgh?
- Visited to the death dungeon in York?
- Crashed at Jo's house in Newcastle?
- Tak habis habis Rome's Pictures?
- Lao sai during the highlands tour in Scotland?
- camwhore pictures of me? hahahahhaha

Okay, should get some sleep now because i am going to explore the church of the Angel and Demon movie. Evil laugh.


  1. how about posting what you have done from day 1 until now? How doest it sound? :D .. anyway, thought you have no interest in blogging already?? :P

  2. ah...how many church did u guys went to?/?the churches there are really "fantatic"...argg...so envy...:!

  3. wah wah wah.. after sometime din visit, and u end up in rome!?!?! lol!