Friday, June 19

hey hey hey

Finally i'm back to msia after more than 20 days of MIA. Last stop was at Bangkok and i shopped like hell because you DID NOT have to convert your currency anymore. Well, instead of TIMES 5 for every euro you spend in Italy or europe you get to divide TEN. it's so freaking awesome i tell you and obviously it's lots hell cheaper. I have been controlling myself not to spend in europe because of the currency and i spend rm400 only for shopping in bangkok. I know i know. 400 is nothing for most of you but for a girl like me, who has no extra pocket money apart from the monthly allowance is damn alot okay. :P Hehe.... For those who share the same experience, you totally know the excitement, the wahhhsai damn cheap and the finally i can SHOP feelings. :)

a b c d e f g h i .... sien.

oklah, let me tell you how many places i went and how much money i have spent overall?

I travelled from 28th May - 18 June and the places i went were Rome (Venice, Verona), Scotland (Edinburgh), England (York, Newcastle), France (Paris), Asia (Bangkok). Total expenditure including flight tickets, food, accommodation, shopping etc etc is ... deng deng deng.... RM4600. Super cheap right??? But i have to thank to my friends, keehui and jocelyn for the super duper friendly hospitality for keeping us in their houses. :) But the best savings came from the flight back from Rome.

Remember i blogged about the cheap flights offered by MAS and i saved around RM2k from there? I bet you all said it was damn cheap already right? I guess you all would have wondered why did i have to stop in Bangkok right? This is because the flight ticket from Rome to Bkk is only.....deng deng deng deng deng deng(again) RM130. Yes, it's RM130. Seratus tiga puluh ringgit. One hundred thirty ringgit..... Lalala.. damn cool. At first i thought it was promotion price and it was so cheap we won't be served food or drink. We Were Wrong~~~ We got the same treatment like others and i drank white wine. Wuahhh and the cinapek us took back the pillow and blanket. Hahahahahaha.. cinapek. Lah, took as souvenirs what.~ The ticket was even cheaper than the ticket for me to go home from bkk. :D :D :D :D :D

Got to get some proper rest now. Stay tune for update yah.... and i done something to my hair in bkk. My sister says it's like a mop. Have a guess~


  1. wow so many places just 20 days heheh!!

  2. oh gosh! u've been to so many places... so jealous of u.. hehe.. I thought that u only went to Italy.. oh ho.. that sounds very great.. wish i have the same experiences like u one day.. :) anyway, welcome back to Malaysia!

  3. Is really so cheap-- RM130 fly from rome to bkk~ may i know what flight company is that? Hope u can provide us where we can book this cheap air flight infomation(like website).. Thanks for your infomation..

  4. hi, the airline is called blue panorama. it's official website is The price was during promotion. I was shocked it was so cheap too. You can use this website to compare for the flight tickets too. i think it's easy to use and the prices shown is quite accurate.

    :) hope you are able to find/get cheap flights~