Tuesday, July 7

Edinburgh Day 1

"Very cold." I said
"Very creepy" They said while pointing at the signboards everywhere we walked.
Underground tour. Our goosebumps raised as we read further. "Ghost experience. explore the underground of Edinburgh in the most haunted city. ..."
How come we're visiting to a ghost city and nobody warned us about? We would have brought along garlic, cross, buddha statue, al-quran. :P
They even have this square named Hunter square. Though hunter can have many meanings like animals hunter, but our mind just won't stop thinking about Ghost Hunter!!!!
It is the Scott monument. But we strongly feel that it's haunted you know based on the color and the architecture. Initially we wanted to join any of the ghost tours, but we only have chicken hearts which we do not wish to die of heart attack in Scotland.
On the first day, we leisured and explored a little to check out the town since we're late for the free tour around the town. The atmosphere was totally different from Italy. The buildings here are smaller and cuter. Not to mention, English is the medium of everything. Yeay, we found our way to the bus station. We planned to travel south to the Roslynn ChapelYeay, we found our way to the Waverly train station too to print our ticket to Newcastle days later. Me and weiwei in the train station
Fast ticket machine. Insert the credit card and reservation code and within seconds....tickets out.
hmm, maybe we should have something like this in Malaysia. Easy and fast!
Yeay, we found the princess mall a shopping centre. Too bad it closes at 6pm. KNS right? #$@#%@#%
went grocery shopping for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Kelian right, we have to cook our meals in order to save money but we really had the most delicious dinner ever...Made in China maggi mi. (Lah, should have bring maggi mi there lor!!! because it's the easiest and closest things to import from our country.)Jilat berkilat. It's the best things to eat in the cold weather. Superb. The feelings was like having hot steamboat in Cameron highlands. Whoaaa!!!
Slurrppss. *burps* NICE!

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  1. Looks like you had a good time in Edinburgh! I work for one of the ghost tour companies - I hope you finally plucked up the courage to do one, they really are good fun!