Tuesday, July 14


Pardon me for my previous post, kinda rude but somehow that was how i feel.

First off, there's some problem with the room registration. Carina's name wasn't in the list. When i was online yesterday, my actual roommate entered, i was shocked and went to clarify. The staff asked me to find Residential Manager to discuss the matter and since it was beyond office hour, i decided to go tomorrow morning. This morning i went to get my car and it has died. I don't know why maybe the battery was low or anything so i walked to Block O. KNNCCB. He was away for meeting and won't be coming in after lunch hour.

So, i walked back to the office above the V5 cafe to borrow the key of my previous room. Opened the door and walked back to the car park to check if the car could be started before returned back the key. After a few calls, the room is settled. The new room is at level 5 at another block. Damn, luckily i didn't bring all my staff this trip and haven't unpack them all, otherwise i gonna be grumpy.

I was rushing back to UTP because I wanted to start on my FYP which i have been neglected throughout the semester break. That's why i only brought back a few things that i don't even know what's inside the bag and i totally forgot where i put the charger, could be in another bag which i left at the house. So, the handphone went dead for a while until i borrowed a charger from my friend.

Back to my car, it just refused to start. Most of my them who came back to UTP at this time has no car jumper. So, i guess i just need to wait. Otherwise i could have drive back to my hometown or other places to release my stress.

You see I'm only back for 24 hours and so many things went wrong. If you were me, you curse or not?

Breath in, breath out. Tomorrow gonna be a new happy good day!

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