Wednesday, July 15

A new rule for Petronas Scholars?

Someone tagged me in FB about this picture so i think i have this responsibility to give awareness to new students and existing students about this if you have not known yet.

From the statements above, it states that any employees of the company (Petronas in this case) are not allowed to marry any of the Petronas scholars, otherwise one of them have to resign, resign + pay back the sponsorship, or anything like that.

I could forsee this kind of Q&A before relationship:

A: I like you, do you want to be my gf/bf?
B: Are you a petronas scholar?
A: Yes, i'm.
B: Sorry. Bye


In my opinion, this is a really pathetic rule. Nevermind that we have limited entertainments due to the strategic locations and so much of restrictions on activities that we could actually carry out. It's fine that you set a few new rules about entering to the library. But this? This is some kind of enforcement to the students not to get into any relationship during the studies here, which 50% of them might ended up marrying each other. Not that I'm encouraging the students to date or what but from what i know, the scholars will eventually enter into Petronas as employee. No? Not allow to marry to any colleagues? WTF. Where are we suppose to meet people if not in university or working area?

I'm not desperado. I hope you understand what i'm trying to say here.

Come on, it's a just a scholarship / sponsorship, why so much limitations eh? It's kinda suffocating actually to think about it. Hmmm.... What's say you?


  1. yeap its nonsense too i feel. theres this new dude implementing all these new rules in petronas. they were worried about the transfers lah. coz petronas one south another north, so they will wanna go cluster north or south ma. its happening too widely so they have to implement that crap. but wth, still stupid right? hahaha. like that we go kahwin slb ka, baker ka all those people la. then we 'share' confidential materials. :P haha. better?

  2. Hahaha, i understand the reason behind the implementation but it is still ridiculous that we, kinda forced to accept the policy isn't it? If it's inter department marriage, that one i can understand. it involves some conflict of interest already, but ... how come it only involves the scholars only?

    I mean, if pet + pet staff = they allow?

  3. it is clearly shown that petronas doesnt encourage people to get married. so for couples, better fo ahead sleep together and come out with children already, no need marriage. finish business :)

  4. Don't get me wrong. Please read carefully words by words. Most of the student who married, end-up failed or postpone the educations. If the scholarship holder focus on study, let study first then married. So Petronas applied this matter to their staff, do not married with amongst Petronas staff including with scholarship owner. Husband and wife will giving bad reputation in working environment. Let say, if 1 of them (husband or wife) over the company rules, miss conduct, and 1 of them are leader (Ketua Jabatan). If the husband punished, I think there's 100% confirmed reporting for divorcing. Sorry for my english.

  5. so, if married quietly..???

  6. Hi..Muhammad Suhaimi Hassan or anyone here.
    I'm just curious. what about if Pet + JPA scholar? 1.Does it acceptable?
    2.Does it against the policy?
    3.Does it considered termination of scholarshiP?
    4.What should they do to married while still studying? Need to ask special permission? Need to inform or just keep silent?
    5.Do Pet have to pay back the scholarship?

  7. hi there.. i'm nina..
    dropping by here. and i found this is very interesting lol
    coz i'm one of them (sponsored by petronas) too.
    currently studying at UTP.
    can i share this in my blog o my FB as well?
    along with the image?