Friday, July 10

Ohno,i broke the curse

Oh hello, i couldn't sleep. I played 204825 times of "Who has the biggest brain" on the itouch and finally i broke the records but still i couldn't sleep. Someone is snoring damn loud and long that i think it's pretty annoying and i woke up to my bro's room to find he went out? Hohoho, i must treaten him tomorrow morning already!!!

This evening i followed my sister to her yum cha session and i drank one full cup of Jealousy - some coffee + mint. Coffee = insomia. So, yeah, welcome to my world.

Having involved in their conversation the whole day, it made me realize the whole world is far more complicated that i already know.
(Oh, now i know why he(my bro) wanted to kick me out of the room already, because he wanted to sneak out!!! damn)

One solid truth that i got today was : NEVER EVER EVER EVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER. It applies to everyone.

He/she may appear kind/harmless to you, but YOU Will never know when he/she kills you, literally. Fuck man, these kind of people are so dangerous and having them by yourside is like having a bomb, you'll have no idea when you'll die innocently or backstabbed to death.

They are not what you see they are. They can be super duper innocent, or super duper polite or super duper nice to you... but once you're away, they remove their pretty mask and turning into a monster that backstab, backstab, backstab or worst, spread rumous, well untrue rumours and the next time you see them again, they are obviously wearing the same pretty mask again.

Well, i believe everyone can't run away from the mask thingy. I personally admit, sometimes you have to in order to please someone, could be your boss, collegues or friends. (alah, dun tell me you didn't do it, please) It's part and parcel of lives that you can't run away from it but i believe you will not do that to your family members right?


Sometimes i really wish i do get this kind of exposure, real stories told to my ears about the ugliness of human beings. I wish i was still an innocent girl out there believe that 1+1=2 and happily ever after. I want to believe there is eternity. I want to believe there are kind hearted people out there, i want to believe there are great friends out there who will support you when you feel like falling apart. I want to believe there are people who willing to help you without asking something in return. I want to know all the things i had witness/heard are nothing but a piece of rubbish.

Somethings the truth is rather disappointing isn't it?

(oh great, he's back and the first thing he said : " cham liao, chui bo teok true love liao")

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