Thursday, August 13

Hello hello hello

All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All words and no pics makes mine a dull blog.

@ Chilli's with PwC Colleagues

okay, where should i start? My life is getting boringer because I keep on coughing and my bed keeps luring me. ey priti, u is tired, cum~ lie duwn. I gerenti u will o-ga-zim an otain tate of de-jabu. haha.

*cough cough cough*

I was so in dilemma yesterday. It was because my bffs are going to club this sat and they make me to come with them. They even postpone their trip to kl because of me. I have some tangsoodo performance on Sat morning.

@ Klang 14th National TSD Competition

( Teng teng teng. Come and drop by Pengkalan's Tesco if you want to see how i manage to get rid of molester/rapist. Kakaka. Easy nia. You must play psyco with them. First don't be nervous, because most of them are gila one, or else they won't rape/molest you lor. You must be calm and give in, by seducing him. >.0 Give him a wink. :P Lick your lips. Then, you initiate yourself to open his pants.. Pull down his pants until his knee. The next step is very crutial, you either grab/kick his balls as hard as possible OR just run if you could. Hahaha. smart huh? ) I always thought that way if i were to encounter this kind of *touch wood*.

@ York

They agreed to wait until my performance and drive down to KL together gether to have fun!!! But, UTP's 9th graduation convo is happened to be this coming weekends too. My cousin is graduating and i really wanted to go and congratulate her and my other seniors too. How How How?

@ Rome

I discussed it with my roommate and I made conclusion. Clubbing can go anytime. Convocation is once a lifetime, or more if you're getting another degree or master. Some more I'm very close to them ma. Imagine they can't see me in their convo, sure sad lor hor? *perasan*
@ Angel of the North, Newcastle

Babes, not that i do not miss you girls or do not want to have fun with chas. I just think we'll have more opportunities later. Or maybe coming weeks. From your voice, i know you're disappointed with me, but please think on my behalf lor. I wish i could split myself into parts.... one for the TSD perfomance, one for the convo, one to go kl with you, and lastly one to do FYP!

@ Angel during CNY 09

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