Saturday, August 29

up up up up up up up up!!!!!!!

is eeffing good, superb, marvelous great cartoon I have ever watched this year. :P But seriously, probably someone of us here had imagined to fly away with helium baloons when we were little.
One of the scene in UP, from left, "Kevin", Russell, Dug, Carl.
Four of them so cute can die.


Lenis told me before that there was this girl, who called Colby Curtin who had been suffering from terminal vascular cancer had her last wish to see the movie "UP" fulfilled.

undated photo of Colby

After Curtin became too sick to attend a screening of the film in a theater, a friend of the girl's family contacted Pixar who responded by sending an employee to her bedside.

Colby's mother, Lisa, said she had asked her daughter if she could hang on until the movie arrived

"I'm ready (to die), but I'm going to wait for the movie," she said her daughter replied.

The Pixar employee brought an unreleased DVD copy of the film and stuffed animals of the characters and other memorabilia and arranged a private screening for Curtin.

Colby was unable to open her eyes to see the movie so her mother described the scenes. When her mother asked if she enjoyed it, the girl nodded, Curtin said.

Sadly, just hours after having her wish fulfilled, Colby Curtin died, with her parents at her side.

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  1. anyway, do u still have that movie? I can't find it in dc++

  2. me no supporting pirated!!!

    hahaa. lol, it's still new movie.
    Just released one week ago. Go watch in cinema, 3D even better. :)