Tuesday, September 1

dr Shea Teng

I really feel proud of myself for able to crap this kind of crappie things to someone. Maybe I should take psychology course or something after my degree to en light more people. Amitabha.

shea teng says: dun think negatively

- kTee @ 建达 - says: thank you dr shea teng
shea teng says: there are many opportunities behind everything
shea teng says: see, when you take the road not taken by many people, you might discover diamonds, golds etc
shea teng says: if you take the busy road, all u have is pollution
shea teng says: woaahh. so keng one me
- kTee @ 建达 - says: ya
- kTee @ 建达 - says: or mayb dead end
- kTee @ 建达 - says: lol
shea teng says: yeahh
shea teng says: are you enlighted by my discoveries?
- kTee @ 建达 - says: ya
- kTee @ 建达 - says: suddenly
- kTee @ 建达 - says: the sky outside become brighter
- kTee @ 建达 - says: just now is still raining n gloomy
shea teng says: hahaha

Haha, thank you thank you, i heard you said "wah, so keng one sheateng. I must consult her next time when I have problems." wtf.

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