Wednesday, September 2


So what happened to my car?

i didn't use the car for like 2 weeks and it refused to start. so i thought it must be the battery problem again. KH helped me to detach it and sent to the shop for recharge. But after few hours charging, the car still can't be started. Diao. Called my savior - Chia Ming for help, because he has the jumper. hehe. Positive - positive, negative - negative for a few minutes then it started lor. So happy I smiled this big. [^__________________^]

Drove past the pak guard, and while waiting for the traffic lights.... sei fo. DIAO. pushed the car inside and called my Savior again lor. (Really thanks alot, chia ming!!! and sorry for the troublesome) Repeat the positive - positive, negative - negative ma can start d lor and drove round and round the UTP. (borrow the jumper from chia ming for further sei fo/ kereta mati)

Suddenly, realized the sound changed a bit. see see, the exzos pipe broken liao. DIAO DIAO.
hardly can smile. my face changed to this T______T stop the engine because after so looooooong of driving should can recharge already ma. start again. Tek tok, tek tok. DIAO DIAO DIAO. T____________________________________T


  1. it's ok ma.. the reason is simple la.. just change from ur old car to new car, it solves everything already lor... dun think so ma? time to change to new car lor.. hahahhahahah... :D