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OBS 2009

Aloha, I just came back from my-7-day-diet-plan which I blogged about few weeks ago and I had so much fun I didn't even feel like coming back home. err,ok I lied, I was a little eager to come home when I was there, but I totally regret about it when I'm home. Well, life is always like that isn't it? When you have it, you don't appreciate it and when you lost it, you totally want it back. But there's a saying that says "Never regret what you have done or decision made because you will spend your whole life regretting what you have not done or wondering what-ifs".

Back to the program, all the participants gathered around in Main Hall and UTP bus sent us to OBM Lumut. Upon our arrival, we were separated into 3 groups which are Krobu, Tahan and Gading and then our handphone(s), wallet, money, digital gadgets and any kind of entertainment confiscated. Surprisingly enough, life was much more serene and relax without handphone. Moreover, we didn't have to worry about our properties being stolen or missing, hence we really go all out throughout the whole week. But there's one thing I wish I could have with me, an alarm clock because we have to wake up 530 am everyday for the 630am morning exercise.

The first day,some of us were late 6 minutes, hence we have to do 120 "zhanpeng jack". LOL, the punishment was 20jumping jack for every minute late. For the first time, we managed to finish up 120 times together, but the instructor said that we we weren't synchronized and asked to do together again, with everyone doing it together at the same speed. We doubted, I doubted if we could do 120 times AGAIN because our muscles started to ache. Before we managed to finish up the 120 times together, we failed 4 times in between. It was very physically challenged, and most of us gave up after 40 times of jumping jack, not because we gave up, but our body couldn't do it anymore. But in the end, everyone got back our spirit and finished it up in one counting. It was really a very good job done. :) It taught us to be punctual because if anyone of us were late, the remaining of the team would be punished too.


I was in the Korbu team and our instructor is M.J, such a cool name isn't it? Our group was very different from others because he gave us a journal for us to write down the review of the day. Every night, we gathered and the leader of the day would discuss what was the greatest achievement, strengths, weaknesses, and improvement from each of us.

"Don't walk in front of me, i may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Please walk beside me and be my friend."

**whaler - sails on**
**naked whaler**
**to the open sea, without boundary**
**our magic bags**

There are two major expeditions that we went through which are the whaling and kayaking, and I personally think the whaling is more challenging than Kayaking, partly because it requires more team work, synchronization, team spirit, and well, longer journey.

** Whaling map**

On the first day, we wailed around 6 km (the blue lines) to the Pulau Syawal (P.S) and it took around 2 hours, without sailing because the wind was inconsistent and weak. Imagine having to row the heavy and rough oars for two hours. It wasn't easy but the next day was disasters, because we had to whale the whole pangkor island, (the black lines) and guess what's the shortest distance between the P.S and OBS? It is roughly around 28km. Next question is, what's the distance if you was pushed away by the waves away from the shore and had to whale zig-zag to reach our destination? Well, we have no answer but it's gonna be more than 28km, and the journey back to our camp sites took us 6 hours.

**during whaling expedition**
**the only time main sails were up in the air and we're having so much fun**
**Windy, and we're relaxing**

Whaling is fun, if wind is strong and not against our way. But that day was kinda bitch, we only managed to sail for like 15 minutes before the wind disappeared and we had to row all the way back. It was much more difficult after 11am because of the burning sun and we were all devastated, tired and exhausted. Some of the teammates had seasick and vomited but they didn't give up rowing, that's team spirit that we all should learn. Never let any excuses forbids us from achieving our goals! Thanks Nana and King!

**M.J and Nana**
The pot beside M.J was our packed lunch, prosperity burgers, wuuuu
**Gading's whaler**
** having dinner by the beach, in dark****Kian said, every spoon fed into the mouth, you have to spend the first 6 seconds to identified what's that. Oh,rice.Oh, sardin. Oh, egg. Oh, sand~!!??**

**kayak expedition**

The kayak expedition was fun and enjoyable, mainly because the distance was shorter and the camping site (pulau sedagas) was much more nicer than the Syawal beach, it's much more cleaner and it has toilets. :) The journey to the campsite was around 6km (blue lines) and we took around 1.5 hours and the journey back was longer because we went to Pulau Katak (black lines) and it took us around 4.5 hours.

**Pulau Sedagas**
**16 kayaks altogether**
**me and Kian, my kayak partner**
**night discussions on how to improve on our kayak expedition**
-king over excited-
**all of us**

That night, some of us lied down on the beach and managed to see some meteors. It was so nice and relaxing and beside me was Kian, i turned to him and said. "sien lor, such a romantic thing i have to do it with you!!!"lol.

After our return from the kayak expedition, we prepared for our BBQ night. My team was in charge of cooking the food, Tahan was in charge of preparing the BBQ site and Gading was in charge of cleaning up. **Banner and MJ's motor****nicely cooked****behind the scene haha**
**Korbu!!!**** curi tulang with the Tahan's group**
**and watched sunset :P **
just kidding, korbu i wasn't curi tulang kay!
**during the closing speech i think**
**in the dining hall**

Here are some of the random pictures taken on the last day, when our handphones are returned. :) It was really a nice 7 days away from civilization and we can live without technologies.
the guys
FL: King, Azmir, Qaayum,Aung,Faisal, Kian, Fadhil
*Hafiz MIA*
the girls
FL: me, Christine, Nana, Azi
obviously can't fit everyone in.
incomplete group photo (Kian MIA)
our beloved journal, back to MJ.

In this camp, I learn a few things that I think I would like to share it with you guys. Life is like whaling, you alone can't row the whaler and let it move faster. It requires the whole team with you and if you're lucky, you catch some wind and the current is with you instead of against you. That is the peak of your life, because sooner or later, the wind gets weaker and disappear, the current will against you when the tile changes and your friends will get tired and row slower and the sun is burning on top of your head. However, if you manage to pull everyone together during this period of life (the lowest point) and even though there's no wind or the current is against you, believe me, the determination and the spirit you put in, will lead you back to the destination. It's just a matter of time.

before i came to this camp, i never thought i could whale the whole Pangkor Island or Kayak more than 20 km. it was hard, but strangely enough, QUIT or GIVE UP never strikes my mind because I knew, we'll reach the place where we're heading to.

All the best to all of you, I may not be able to see you in UTP but if we could meet up by chance, please walk to me and say Hi. :)

Petronas Scholars 08/2009 ROCKS!!!!!

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