Monday, June 28


I saw a group of cyclist, probably hundred of them cycling around KL city on Friday night as I was walking back to office from Pavilion. I shouted from across the street, "Bang, pergi mana nii?". "KLCC". I am very curious but I don't know any single details about the expedition. I did ask, but they were too far away to have heard my question. :(

Today, as I was in traffic jam, I saw a cyclist passing by me. I am envy. I'm stuck in the jam, paying petrol and parking ticket while he is enjoying the freedom but maybe a little dangerous. I miss cycling around the town, enjoying the breeze, doing some exercise and gossiping with my buddies. :(

ps: I found them. from the blog, it seems like they meeting up every friday.. Maybe I shall invest in getting a bike. :)

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