Wednesday, August 25


I don't know if I am being sensitive, but I feel I was again, being harassed. There's this guy from another company across the street started to contact me via CORPORATE EMAIL after a community club meeting, saying that he remembered me from that meeting.

He wanted to be friends and I am thought, why not? so we exchanged a few email messages mainly about favourite food, favourite places to eat, hobbies and etc until we added each other in facebook.
In less than 30 minutes after we became friends, I got an email from him telling me that he sent me a message in FB ( "Hope you won’t be offended. It was supposed to be a compliment, guy-style." )
Guess what message he sent.
What the fuck!
WTF is "some of your photos really turned me on" and "you must be very good technically".
I was terrified by his message and I stop replying him. I put him in "Limited Profile" list to avoid him from seeing my tagged photos because my friends were busy tagging me our clubbing photos which is quite inappropriate for a PERVERT to see. He might think that I'm a wild girl or whatever shit you call you people who club which I am NOT. Hence, I left a comment to my friend to untag my photos.
The next morning, I got an email from him. I wonder what was he up to now. "Oh, you asked your friend to untag".
I THOUGHT I'VE KICKED him into limited profile list why he could still see what I've posted to on my friend's photo album?
Around the same time, my status were "are you on fakeboob?" and "do you play fakeboob?". Fakeboob is almost the same rythm with facebook.
It was a joke between my friends and I found it interesting and decided to post it into my wall.
I received comments to the statuses, it's SUPPOSE to work that way, you leave a comment on the status for people to read and recomment. I don't know why and I despise people who go behind the whole screen and left you a comment in your inbox instead. Why so secretive?
Guess what I got in my email inbox the next day?

"I find your FB so do you play FakeBoob.. does it involved confirmation by touch or tase? :-O"

I was stunt. I cleared my statuses and block him from my FB... I told the club committee about him and hopefully I won't be seeing him anymore!

What a creepy 47 years old senior manager is he? I wonder how many young innocent fresh graduates working in his department got that kind of harrassment. Or maybe he only fish outside because apparently men believe they don't shit where they eat.

I have another story to share.

I went for a job interview early this year and the interviewer is an expatriate from Singapore currently live in Bukit Jalil.

Long story short, I rejected his offer and he sent me a text. He was saying that it's a waste and pity that I can't join his department and asked me out. He didn't have a car and asked if I could fetch him and he would buy me dinner, or movie if I want.

He then said, "Even though we can't be colleagues, maybe we can be good friends, or MORE".

I thought he was saying dating relationship or so.

But my brother warned me. Well, he interpreted it as "one night stand".

I leave it to your imaginary to interpret what "more" means because I stop replying him.

I thank God for not joining his team. I wouldn't know and daren't think what would happen if I were to join his company, working closely to him. ...

Do these old men think they are rich enough, powerful enough to bully young working adults like me?

I started to hate people at his age. They must be thinking that they have all the money that women want.

Sorry, I can't help thinking that way. I have seen way too much of these.

Like I said earlier, I don't know if I am being sensitive but I believe that I should avoid any misunderstandings and prevent it before anything bad happens.

- if you happened to be harrassed, speak loudly to higher authority and make sure you got protection.-


  1. seems that your look *invites* the *special* species. Don't let your guard down, especially with strangers or somebody u js know. Don't consume offered drink or snacks by these unknowns...

  2. ........i wanna be harassed by pretty gals.....any suggestion ?

  3. Friend, u should not put him in limited profile. Straight away blocked it or the best way is to delete him from your face book acc.

    Facebook is too dangerous to post jokes, because they are lot's of pervert eyes looking at u. Be careful gal... take care ya =D