Tuesday, September 14


As early as 6 in the morning today, i was awakened by the scary thunderstorms. I don't know but I am really afraid of them, they are fierce! It sounded as if the Gods are mad about our earth, or something that we have done wrong. My laptop and modem weren't switched off and I was worried if the lightning would strikes them or something. My TV was hit by lightning before so the last things that I wanted to get it fixed are laptop and 10-days-old modem. I decided to switch off the main power which is 2 meter away from my bed. However the moment I opened my eyes and saw lights shone through the window, I quickly hid my head back into the blanket like a turtle. Since lights travel faster than sounds so I know I'll be expecting a loud thunder and poked my ears with fingers to minimize the sound effect. That's realllllly scary. Why there are more (scary and longwinded) thunderstorms in Seri Kembangan compared to other locations in Selangor?

When I was a young girl, I was told not to make any phone calls and switch off all the electrical products as they would be hit by lightning. Also, I was forbidden from taking shower as the water is able to carry/transfer electrics. I know there's a term for this but I am too lazy wanna think of it... my question is, is it true that we are not to make calls, switch on electric products and shower esp. hot shower that uses electric?

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  1. i heard that kenot piss or shit during thunderstorm, else the lightning will travel to ur piss or shit and hit ur ass or gugu/pusspuss