Friday, September 17

Woo, nice gatherings

Ever since I have started off this new job which is located quite remotely from the city center, I only get to meet up my friends and family during the weekends because weekdays would be too tiring for me to drive out but not this week! I've been meeting my long lost friends and ex-colleagues ever since Tuesday night.

Tuesday night was a raya open house where I get to see my internship's colleagues. They are still looking great and loud. Although I'm the youngest among them, but I must admit that my energy isn't half of theirs. I sat there admiring their spirits and energy in eating, talking and laughing. wtf. They also commented that I was quiet that night, perhaps I was still looking for conformity after such a long time we last met, 2 years ago? and... I am receiving red bombs from them... 1 married, 2 more coming this year, and I believe a few more next year.. oppss..

Wednesday night was roommates reunion with Carina and Sharon. Watched Grown up.. aww totally in love with the movie because recently have been watching too many of serious movies like inception, piranha and resident evil4. It's really true that laughter is the best medicine for everything especially stress and hard work... :) After the movie, went for a spontaneous happy hour with Adam and Keehui at Fontera, JayaOne. I challenged them to take the spicy buffalo wings that I had during my Tiger Run earlier this year... It was insanely chi kek to see both gentlemen sweating, struggling with the spiciness. Imagine I ate one in the middle of my running event that eventually burnt my fingers and stomach. But it was a great experience. :)

and on Hari Malaysia, I went to Melaka with my internship colleagues.... 6 of us in a Serena and off we went. It was crazy makan-makan day. First off, dimsum @ Min Kok, Seremban. It's amazing I tell you, Min Kok is a hell big hall and it's damn comfortable you do not have to eat with people standing beside your table with their eyes asking, "when the hell are you going to finish that pau, damnit." I feel like going back for more, anyone interested? LOL.
After the heavy breakfast, we continued our journey. We reached melaka around noon and went straight to Jonker street and hoping in and out the shops and eventually had Baba Assam laksa and a bowl of iced cendol for lunch before continued on our windows shopping. Visited a temple and off to Nadeje for mille crêpe and McQueck's satay celup for dinner. Whuuu, that's crazy lots of food for a day consumption but it's the best relaxing trip to Melaka. Total damage spend for this one day trip is RM150 including some shopping. Greattttttt.

There's something that I kinda sad throughout this three subsequent happening outings are: no photos taken.........Gahh!

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