Thursday, October 7


I am still awake now trying to write my first speech for my Toastmaster tomorrow. It's the simplest title ever, self introduction. But I beg for differ because the simpler it seems, the harder it is, well for me.

Let me try it here.

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Tan Shea Teng. I heard you are asking what about Ashlee. Well, I created that name myself just one night before I went to UTP for my business information system degree. I was watching the couple fear factor finale and my favourite couple won. They are Dean and Ashlee. I liked Ashlee very much because of her spirits and attitude. So, I was thinking, hey, why don't I use Ashlee. Overall, it's a cool name and it's not very feminine.

I was rather a tomboy when I was younger because I always hang out with my cousin brothers. I followed them wherever they go, and whatever they do. They fish, I fish. They cycle I cycle, They whistle I whistle. Three of us were very close together and my eldest sister started to feel worry about it. She started to control my dressing because at that time, I always wore a big t-shirt and a baggy pants. Eventually, she succeeded but deep down in my heart, the tomboyish will always be there.

I am 23 years old, but many people told me that i don't look like one. In fact, people thought that I am the eldest among my siblings. I have two elder sisters who are 3 and 5 years older than me and a younger brother. I was kinda sad andit hurts in the beginning when I received that feedback but as time passed by, I started to take it as a compliment because they might see me as wiser compared to older.

I am a blogger to a very stupid blog. I actually named my blog as im stupid idiot baffalo. I don't remember how I named it but my intention was to make it private. As time passed by, I made it public to share it with my friends and family and because of this blog, I actually won myself RM 8888 from Nuffnang, a blog advertising company. I participated in the Tiger Run earlier this year, and I am the winner to the female category where they were going to fulfill my dream at that time which is to get my braces done. I have just undergo a 5 hours dental operation to take out my 8 teeth to make way to my braces. I am getting it by end of this month, after my convocation.

From what I have shared, I can conclude that I am a very random, matured and independent. As for now, my objective is to find Dean, get him paired up with me, join the couple fear factor and win 1M.

Thank you.

Whatever, I am going to stop writing and just deliver it tomoro. :P

P/S: Toastmaster is not for nerds right???

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  1. Toastmaster? Where?? This is an interesting self introduction. I get to know u more, haha.. =)