Thursday, December 30

Last two days

of the year of 2010...

How time flies! I know I have been saying that a lot because it's really so! It's my first time counting down to the days as a working adult. It's kind of a different perspective all together because I don't have year end holidays anymore and I wonder if there's any different when I go to work on Monday as it's a brand new year!

My new year resolutions? I hope to be able to stay healthy because I have been sick for almost 1 month and I know how bad it is influencing my career and mood. No wonder as age grows, people tend to wish you good healthy and longevity. Tsk.. T_T~

Besides, I hope I can find a balance maintaining a steep career progression and a new relationship as these two need time to nurture and grow significantly. :)

Ops, I'm going to Philippines in less than 30 days and I have not done any research! Any recommendations/suggestions for 5D4N trips? XD

Oh...allow me to wish you Happy New Year and hope all of you huat ah!!!! and healthy...

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