Thursday, March 17

sleepy - coffee - sleepier - coffees - ??

you see, if you had a heart to heart talk with your girls during the supposed sleeping time the night before, you probably need some drinks that would stop you from yawning or "fishing" at work which I'd sometimes called the coffee, or sometimes tea. Depends on your moo d and your current diet style. Tea if you feel you need extra cleansing / detoxing effect. Coffee if you couldn't stand the temptation of the strong aroma from the colleague's cup.

Today, I am referring to Monday (Post note, my mind really thought it was Monday and it's Tuesday the next day when it's suppose to be Wednesday and Thursday...:( ) even though it's already 2.50am Tuesday early morning, when I suppose to be sleeping soundly and meeting my white prince in my sweet dreams, I am here typing away because I had TWO bloody coffee. 1 neslo and 1 white coffee. One during the noon and another one late evening.

Smart. Thanks.

Considering that I am feeling rather fresh, my mind just won't shut down from thinking of all the emails that I need to send, deliverable that I need to deliver and reminding myself that I have to be at office at 10am for some talk... I am wondering how many cups of tea + coffee that I need to swallow tomorrow to make me awake.

However wouldn't it make my life worse?

Sleep late --> sleepy at work = solution: drink coffee/tea --> caffeine effect prolong to the night and you sleep even later --> Sleepier than the day before at work = solution: more cups of coffee+tea--> double the effect ... more coffees ... and the cycle repeats.

Whoa! Scary. How am i suppose to stop the chain of reaction? i know by sleeping early at the first place. hmmph! Yea, count the sheep might work. Let me try.

Oh, pray to the natural disasters' victims. hope everything will be back to normal real soon. i can see people are worrying about the prediction of D day in 2012 or even newer predictions which is on 21/5/11... just 3 months away nia....

should cut the crap i guess.


  1. i wish it works to me that way. Coffee has no effect on me at all no matter how many cups i drink a day. I sleep late too so in the morning, i get a cup of coffee -> sleep at work. :D

    then afternoon or evening, I sometimes drink another cup and I still feel sleepy, not to mention sleeping like dead at night.. haha.. how come the coffee has that much effect on u eh? I'm not scared of drinking coffee. The only reason that keeps me from drinking too much is the amount of caffeine I consume a day.. ;)

  2. coffee, no effect on me
    tea, after heavy meal
    apple, would have better effect than coffee though i'm not practicing that
    stress, keeping me awake and rush through works
    keep awake, that's how u force urself to sleep at night
    davuth, u always the earliest to comment

  3. cos i'm a loyal supporter of her blog.. :D