Monday, August 22

Sun, 21

My uncle did the stupidest prank in this world this evening and it totally brought more harm than good. I didn't appreciate it at all coz I don't think it's good to make fun of the late uncle. Lots of sad pictures came rushing to my mind and I cried, in front of him for the first time.

I think I have been acting like I don't give a fucking care of what's happening but I know I do care.

Another piece of shocking news came 20 minutes earlier. Although, somehow we have prepared for it but fuck, why now? why today? Everything seems so messed up and I feel like just bury myself under my blanket and hide away from the world for a while.

God, can you show mercy on us, we have had enough of torturing. We just need simple life, with someone by our side that will leads to happy ever after. No drama anymore please.

Am I ready to commit this challenging changes?

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