Tuesday, October 4

Exhausted in disguise

I am so tired.

The trip that I am organizing since months ago finally is here. Tomorrow we'll be traveling to Singapore. Can't wait for it and also visit to the Universal Studio. Woo hoo.

So many obstacles, so many roadblocks, so many last minute disasters... finally we managed to pull those little tiny strings together.

Oh oh! There's this lucky draw thingy in my company today and I won a compact camera. Thank you to Shirley for writing the answers for me and Jason for submitting and collecting the prize for me. My part was just writing in my name and my email. :) I can't praise enough for the good things that coming my way.

I just need to maintain the spirits and nothing can pull me down. Not even the reports. 

See how I always started with the current mood and spirit but at the end of every post my energy would hiked up and I would be so enthusiastic in finishing what I have started. Realizing that I am able to count the good things that coming my way besides the tiny little roadblocks when I tried to recall my day.

Oppss.. I am hungry. Thinking to have a bowl of yummy instant noodles.:)

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