Friday, June 8

Why worry?

Someone told me that if you dream when you are sleeping, you are not exactly sleeping, your mind is not switch off and you are not resting regardless how many hours you lied on the bed with your eyes closed. You probably wake up feeling lethargic, even more.  I am curious, if that's the case, why do we wish people "sweet dreams"?

Speaking of dreams, I have been dreaming every single nights recently. Having said that, most of them are related to the category "things-that-i-want-to-know-badly" in current life but just have no guts / time / effort / arrogant to find out. Is it coincident or is it that I have been thinking too much that my subconscious mind is helping me to give me the answers. Is it the correct answers? I don't know and probably won't know.
Either ways, I should really learn to stop thinking or dreaming! Whether you have problem in life or not, the final remedy is "why worry?" Excellent diagram.

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