Friday, August 10

Obviously, I am not in the mood for writing yet still want to update my blog

How do you like my new hairstyle?
Can you see Seven?
The cute, young and sexy sisters

I super love this necklace but it's so heavy my neck sore.
Us again @ Levain
OOTD: Outfit of the day- What is your style?
My favorite photo
Quite like this hairstyle, at time my face looks small :)
*Welcome to car park. this way pls*
Strawberry stuff @ Levain

hiao X 2
Lemeleme is still my fav cam apps
To the left, to the left~
My moles are gone...slowly. Yay!
They who always there for me *love
That was how I spend my last Sunday with my lovely sisters and iPhone (no pun intended). I thank God for the wonderful sisters I have who always take care and love me. :)

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