Monday, August 13

Y U no bring enough money?

Together with my second sis, off we went to fix my mum's car, apparently her front-right tyre was punctured by a nail. Also because of the flat tyre, I drove very slowly, less than 40km/h. I could feel the frustration from the cars behind.

I feel ashamed because I am one of the 20393240325 drivers who would curse the slow moving cars and will sometimes flashlights at them but I will make sure a safe distance between us because I have no balls. On my way back to KL, I did not get angry or curse those tortoises. *Proud

By the way, we finally reached the workshop. Explained what happened, passed the keys, went to toilet and sat on the bench. Both of us were talking and laughing away. When it's done, the young mechanic walked towards and signal it was done. I asked how much and he said RM5.

"I didn't bring my purse", said my sister.

I gave her the "WTF, Y U NO BRING PURSE" look. With proud, I opened my bag and grasped for air. SHIT, I LEFT RM1.00. Both of us panicked and I signaled my sis to treasure hunt in the car while I called for bankers.

None of the bankers were free to drop by and my sis reported negative. We sat there giggling and then the boss walked out and said, "Your car is fixed".

Oh shit, oh shit. I called my uncle to see if he could come to rescue but he told me to pass phone to the boss. He knows the boss and told him that he would pay him back later or tomorrow. Gosh, power of networking! :P

Updated FB status as one of the embarrassing moment. LOL

Sent the car home only to find out another interesting fact. My car's tyre was flat too! WTTFFFFF

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  1. hahaha.... and both of u can't manage to get even 5RM... :P :P