Thursday, September 27

Be cowardly

I am a coward and I act cowardly in my own country. Having said that, I travel overseas, I think the size of my guts doubled once my plane touched down at their airports. Ridicuously sound but it is true. We read so much about cases like kidnap, murder, robbery, rape day in and day out that happened in Malaysia. I am sure other countries would have this horror news as well but good thing is, I am pretty ignorant about what is happening conclude no read, no picture, and no news - peaceful world.

Fellow toastmasters, ladies and gentlemen, I think being coward is one of the key survival skills that should be taught in school.

Because if you are coward, you will see everyone as potential predator hence you will act cautiously. 
Because if you are coward, you will protect your assets properly and attentively to keep them safe.
Because if you are coward, you will not play with your gadgets as you walk to avoid being snatched.
Just because if you are coward, you will be alert of your surroundings and carry self-defense tools with you.

Just like last Friday night, I suddenly ran out of gas when I was half-way cooking fish. I thought so late already better order gas tomorrow and check if my dish is done. To my disappointment, their eyes are still in neatly in their eye socket which means it is has not cooked yet. My mum told me the best way to check if the fish is ready to eat is when it's eyes turned white and popped out of the socket. I have no choice but to quickly grabbed my phone and dialed for the gas delivery.

A man picked up the phone and I gave him my house address. He said gas will be delivered to me in 15 minutes and hung up.While waiting anxiously for gas to come to resume my cooking, I surfed Facebook whereby I got to read about this scary news - two men impersonating TNB staffs to get entry to victim's house to rob and rape if the victim is alone in the house.

What the fish? I was alone in the house; all my housemates have gone out and won't be back soon. I started to get panicked and then I know I need to be cowardly. I ran up to my room and switch on my laptop. Quickly play Hits FM and perk up the volume. So that when the delivery man arrived, it seems like there is someone in the house.

Soon after, I heard someone calling out, "Got order gas or not?" and I said "Got" and I continued "Maaa, your gas has arrived". "Oh okay, open the door for him", I acted as if my mum replied from afar.

I also secretly jotted down his vehicle registration number and shared it with my friend via my SMS. I even started a small conversation with him, "Dah makan?". According to "The Caring Project - What Rapist and Attacker Look for in women", these psycho people are less likely to attack woman who appear will fight back / remember his / her voice.

Another thing that I did on that day was I left my gate unlocked, just in case if he were going to do something bad at me, I can yell for help and my saviors can just rush in. However, I was hoping nobody would come in to rob the house, or else both delivery man and I would be in trouble. Thank God, everything went completely well and I am safe.

I can't help but to feel sorry to that delivery man that I took all these precautions as if he were the kidnapper, rapist or murderer. But I cannot take the risk, two rapists who admitted doing the crime were released freely by the Court and I was told most of them are at large. So I urge all of you to act cowardly, think cowardly and be cowardly in where ever you are!

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  1. it's my first time being advised to act cowardly... hehe.. I've always been taught to do the opposite.