Friday, June 7

Last countdown

In any distance relationship, I believe they mark their calendar and countdown towards the moment they will reunion again. They look forward to seeing and spending time with each other. I know I am. 

But, tonight it is a quite different. I am doing the last countdown. 

In exact 19 hours late, I will pick him up from the airport and that's it. He's back and work in KL. We'll staying together. 

Honestly, I pray the transition will be smooth and happy. We had a big argument last night because we were stressed out from work, probably a little bit of the coming changes of life. Don't get me wrong pls, I'm extremely looking forward to this day. 

Some note to myself: You are no longer a little girl who can just throw tantrum as you like. You need to be matured in thinking as well as making decision. It is OK to make mistake once, but not twice or thrice. Control emotion and live/work well with others who loves you, no more selfish. Be humble and learn, unlearn or relearn. Don't let your pride or ego overtake you. Be confident and happy. 

After rain and thunderstorm (which what I am in now - nothing to do w LK), I know Mr. Sunny and Ms. Rainbow will welcome me with a huge smile. :)